So I decided to do this, spur of the moment hair care kinda post! As you might know, my hair was once upon a time fried with dye, well not really, it was on it’s way though, and it had stopped growing! So two years ago I decided enough was enough with the colours, and I decided to go natural!   Over that time, I have got to know my hair type, and what it likes, so I thought I’d share some products with you today, if your hair is in a similar situation!

Tresemmé – Colour Revitalise – Heat Protect Mist £5.49 from Boots  

It is literally SO important to use a heat protectant on your hair. When I was dying my hair, I’m ashamed to say I never used it, but as soon as I started, I definitely noticed a difference, and now it really bugs me when I see people ignore it! I actually accidentally picked the colour treated one, then I realised that it’s probably better for your hair! And on another note, it smells absolutely gorgeous. I want it as a shampoo!

GUM Argan Oil Hair Treatment £4.99 from eBay

This was one of the first products I bought when I decided to transform my hair, and I keep buying more and more bottles, and honestly, it’s such a little bottle, but you only need to put it on the ends (the bits that are the most dead of all) and it keeps all your hair looking lovely. I specifically put this on before a shower so I can deep condition it, then wash it off! I genuinely thought this was like £2 but then saw them for £20 and £17 etc. online, the cheapest I could find was £4.99!

Batiste Dry Shampoo

  Batiste is the only dry shampoo I like! I keep trying others but I absolutely hate how they feel on my hair. I personally wash my hair twice a week because I like the natural oils to come through a bit before I wash it so it is yet again, all natural! Trying to grow it best I can! But batiste I absolutely live by, I just put it on when it’s a bit greasy and I can go without washing it for a couple more days! I also used to use the dark brown one, then I realised it doesn’t make a difference, so I’ve converted to the sweeter scented ones!

Coconut Oil £2.50 from Morrisons


I bought this coconut oil around 9 months ago, and it just keeps going, can you believe it was only £2?! Neither can I, but it definitely was! You just scoop a bit out on your finger, it melts in your hand, then you can mix it with another oil, just to nourish your ends a bit. It has the same effect as the argan oil but I personally feel it’s better because it is a much smoother oil, I feel argan oil is a lot heavier and just by personal preference, I love it! Also, I LOVE coconut oil as a moisturiser and a makeup-remover. I use it every day!

Baylis & Harding – Great Hair – Moisture Drench Shampoo and Conditioner £8.99 from Amazon (Fiver from T K Maxx)

Okay guys, so I literally don’t know what it is about this stuff, but it is literally like a drug to my hair, my hair looks and feels like one of them adverts with Nicole Scherzinger in when I use it. I ran out of it and I couldn’t find it for about 5 months, then I found it again, and I completely forgot how good it feels, I can’t even tell you! I’m so happy I found it again, and I will be sure to buy it again when I find it again, just to stock up! You’re not running away from me again!   These are some of my holy grail products for my hair, they have all equally saved my hair and they’re all my hairs best friends! If you have any recommendations please do leave them in the comments!


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