I turn 23 tomorrow so I thought I would throw it back a bit and have a gander in my memories box. It contains all my old toys and notebooks. If you don’t fancy watching the full video, stick with this post and I’ll share some screenshots and a run down.

Connect 4 & Hangman!

These were some great ‘pocket’ travel games. I quote pocket because they aren’t really pocket-sized, but in the 90s apparently, they were! I can’t really remember playing hangman much. My thoughts are that my parents weren’t keen on the game, and I was an only child.

Gear Mover Game!

I’m not entirely sure what this was called, but I have fond memories of playing this game. I recall playing it at my Nonna’s a lot.

Solitaire and Sudoku

These two games were my jam growing up. If you were to ask my mum what I used to play puzzle-wise as a child, she’d be instantly on it with these. I used to take these everywhere with me and if they weren’t available it would be a Sudoku book. I still have Sudoku on my phone!

Super Mario Nintendo DS Game

I don’t really have much to say about this one, other than the fact that the CARTRIDGE IS MISSING. Okay Emma, breathe.

Yowie Cards

Does anyone remember these? I’ve no idea where I got them, I just know that these were my only trading game growing up. Everyone ran around with Pokemon, I had the BTEC version.

Snappy Croc

I don’t have much to say about this other than the fact that I had strong memories of being terrified of the thing. Those snappy teeth, I swear they could end you.

My memories box was also filled with some amazing artwork, like this one.

Polly Pocket

Check this screenshot of me fondling a Polly Pocket. In the video, I nearly break the thing! Scroll down a bit more to check it out for yourself!


Let me know what you think!

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