If you didn’t already know, I’m currently sprucing up my blog, which is why you’re seeing all my Vlogmas posts in one go.

What is Vlogmas?

In case you aren’t familiar with the trend, Vlogmas was first started back in 2011 with YouTuber, Ingrid Nilsen. It is a tradition where a YouTuber creates Christmas-themed videos all the way up to Christmas Day.

What does my Vlogmas Look like?

  1. Christmas Prepping – In this video I decorated my bedroom for Christmas
  2. Music & Santa’s Grotto – This video was created whilst I worked in a Garden Centre. Here we had a Santa’s Grotto, and I was responsible for making the promo video for it!
  3. Reindeer – We were visited by Reindeer at the Garden Centre.
  4. General Vlog – This one didn’t have a theme.
  5. Christmas Wishlist – All the things that I was hoping for at Christmas
  6. Shouting Out Other Vlogmasses
  7. Mum gets back from New York
  8. New York Christmas Haul – Showing all the stuff my mum bought me from NYC.
  9. Christmas Tree Story
  10. Dancing on Ice in a Car
  11. A Christmas Christening
  12. Rearranging My Room
  13. We Had New Windows Installed
  14. Decorating The Tree
  15. Cinema and Graze Box
  16. Christmas Gift Guide
  17. A Festive Hospital Disaster
  18. A Short One
  19. Showing Off More Presents
  20. My Dog Had a Panic Attack
  21. Wrapping Presents
  22. GRWM for a Christmas Party
  23. Arriving in Centre Parcs
  24. Christmas Eve in Centre Parcs
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