So this week my boyfriend and I went to the cinema. The only film that stood out to us was Unfriended, so we decided to see that! Now I’m not gonna ruin it for everyone because I always see spoilers on stuff and then regret reading it. This is a spoiler-free post!

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The movie is about a group of friends who are talking on Skype. The whole film is pretty much webcams and screenshots. There is an anonymous person on Skype with no picture/video. The group of friends go through their research to find out who this person is. When they do, they are shocked at their findings. It is the profile of their friend who took her own life due to bullying.

I think the movie is quite realistic. The message they are trying to give is to stop online bullying. I think the message is very strong and important. It is good that they have done a film on this to show the effect bullying can have! I think everyone has been picked on or bullied once online. We all know how horrible and belittling it feels. That’s just me talking, but mine wasn’t half as severe as other people have it.

My Thoughts

The film is pretty scary but I have to say, it’s not terrifying. It’s just the big bangs that come out of the speakers! I think it is also a very clever film with the effects it gives. I know there will be a lot of editing. Trust me, I’ve never seen half that stuff happen on Facebook or Skype before. 

In conclusion, I probably wouldn’t see this at the cinema again. I’d want to watch it without covering my face. However, I would definitely buy it and watch it at home without surround sound!

That’s all for this week’s film review guys. I’ll try to make one for next week, if you have any film suggestions, please let me know!

Watch the trailer here!

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