So after having a browse we decided to watch Life of Crime, I have to admit, it took a good while to get into, which I was surprised at. Great movies don’t usually take me that long, and Jennifer Aniston usually stars in really good movies. This also starred Isla Fisher, another one of my faves.

Sitting down to watch the film

Woah! I nearly missed this, I just glanced at the date now… luckily I had this planned!

This week I’ve been staying at my boyfriends house as his parents have been on holiday, they still are but hey ho. On Wednesday night we decided to sit down and watch an actual film on Netflix, not just Once Upon a Time.   

Life of Crime

So as usual, I won’t give off any spoilers! The film is based around Aniston and her man, who is a millionaire, but she didn’t really know that till she got kidnapped, and the kidnappers want a million, I don’t even know if they ended up giving him it in the end, but her man is an absolute nob anyway, that’s all im gonna say.

Anyway, when the film finally got into it and I actually got to understand it, I began to really like it! I’ll definitely watch it again, and maybe actually listen to it this time. Maybe put subtitles on, does anyone else do that? It makes me concentrate more!

Finally got it!

The reason I don’t know what happened with the money is because of bloody unpredictable British weather. If you’re from England, you’ll know the weather we had Wednesday night. I was firstly completely distracted by the sheet lightning, at first I thought it was kids on the street messing about, ’til it finally clicked… Then it started hailing harder than it had ever hailed before and obviously, I got distracted, well, first we thought someone was breaking in! But luckily I got the main jist of the film and only missed about 10 minutes (only, I know).

Life of Crime Trailer

So yeah! I hope you enjoyed my little ramble/film review!   Have you seen this film? Or do you have any Netflix recommendations? I’d love to know!  xxx

Life of Crime

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