If you’re anything like me, who finds myself intrigued as to what goes on in the mind of a Serial Killer, you’re going to love the Documentaries I’m about to talk about, if you haven’t watched them already.

I personally think it’s good to learn about the mind of a Serial Killer. As a wise woman once told me; you never know who’s lurking next door. The more documentaries you watch; the more research you do, you’re more likely to spot the signs! We’ll get into that another day – for now, let’s get on with the blog post shall we?!

1 – American Murder – The Family Next Door

I’m writing about this one first, simply because it’s the last one I watched! This documentary contains the evidence that tells the story of how convicted killer, Chris Watts took the lives of his own family. It it believed Watts did this to remove his past live and move on with a new one with his new mistress. I personally remember when this crime shook the world back in 2018.

I suggest preparing yourself somehow to watch this. I’m part of a group on Facebook of Netflix Recommendations – the members were actively posting sharing how they couldn’t hold back the tears. Nothing is dramatised on this; all real.

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2 – DES – Denis Nilsen

OK, maybe I’m cheating a bit with this (sorry, not sorry). You will find DES on ITV Player; it’s a dramatised Docuseries where actor David Tenant portrays the role of Denis Nilsen, who took the lives of up to 15 (possibly more) men back in the 70s.

Tenant played the role perfectly. After watching it, don’t forget to watch the original tapes and compare them, he mastered his mannerisms to a T.

3 – Serial Killer with Piers Morgan

This one absolutely got me hooked. The way Piers could just sit there, rile up a convicted Serial Killer who is spending the rest of their life in prison, and completely piss them off. It just blows me away!

In this docuseries, Morgan does just that. He gets to spend 1 hour asking a bunch of Serial Killers whatever the hell he wants, regardless of how personal they are. It’s really interesting to see some of the reactions. Hope they do another Season!

4 – Making a Murderer

This Series was MASSIVE when it first came out, and if you haven’t heard of it… are you living under a rock?! Making a Murderer follows the Story of Steven Avery, in 1985 he was wrongfully convicted of rape and attempted murder.

This one got very confusing for me, and I think I might have to watch it again because it’s still a blur. In 2005 Avery was then correctly convicted of Murder – was it his time in prison that drove him to do it? Did he do it at all? Need to update myself on that one.

documentary documentaries netflix uk serial killer murder true crime a river of roses ariverofroses
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5 – Unabomber – In his own words

I don’t believe I’ve seen this you know, but I know I watched a TV show once that had a dramatised tale of the event. I’ll definitely have to check this one out.

6 – Don’t Fuck with Cats

Oh my God, I completely forgot about this! I found it again today whilst scouting through documentaries on Netflix! I remember when this first came out and everyone was going CRAZY over the first episode. They truly put a TW out there in the title, didn’t they?!

I’m not going to spoil it for you. However, let me just say one thing. It gets easier after the first episode. Although, even my own mother refuses to go past it.

documentary documentaries netflix uk serial killer murder true crime a river of roses ariverofroses
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7. The Ted Bundy Tapes

This one is on my to do list again. I can’t really remember it to be honest with you, but I’m SURE I’ve watched it. Basically, this is what it says in the title. If you’re into True Crime, and you haven’t seen this, chances are you will’ve heard of the infamous Ted Bundy. In this docuseries we look at over 100 hours of archived footage and audio files from when he was on death row for killing over 30 women.

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