Being a paranormally activated person (sort of), and having being proactive in taking many photos throughout the years has worked out well for me. Well, I’d personally like it if it worked better, but nevertheless, I count myself lucky to have captured these following three photos.

I’m not really sure how else to introduce this, if I’m honest! Here are 3 photos from my life where I believe I have captured ‘the other side’. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

The Ghosts of Pompeii

This photograph was taken around 10 years ago, in the tragic land of Pompeii. Where there once stood an entire city in Italy, in 79AD the volcano, Vesuvius erupted and took out the whole population. Along with this, it wiped out neighbouring Herculanium, and a few other villages too.

Here we have a photograph I took which is effectively a corpse. For years this image stuck in my head as being a very haunting one. Do you see the left of the ladies face? Just me?

The Abandoned Mill

These ones are my most recent. In the first one, I would try turning the camera to a different part of the building with the same amount of light, but it just did not want to focus on this area. The room beyond where that graffitied lady is gave our entire team the creeps, we all felt a very dark presence in the room with us. The camera did however, seem quite content to have Ryan in the photo (second picture).

haunted photos
haunted photos
Here is our tour of this particular building. I have a few more, but they’re all on unlisted.

In this photo, I didn’t notice anything until I looked back at my photos when I got home. Honestly, I swear I saw a face in the mist of that tunnel when I first analysed it. However, now I am just sat here wondering, “why is there mist?”

haunted photos

The Man Who Claimed the Bathroom

Ok, this is by far the freakiest one and my biggest claim to the paranormal ever. Before entering this bathroom I was told that there was supposably a spirit of a man who ‘doesn’t like women’ residing in the women’s bathroom; in particular, the end cubicle. So, after a few drinks, I decided to take the camera to the bathroom with me.

Baring in mind this was YEARS ago, and the building, which was once Fairfax Club, has now been knocked down. I can’t find any evidence online that this building is haunted. However, I do recall a friend on that night saying that her parents were due to conduct a paranormal investigation at the property. I recently reached out to her and she claims to remember this happening, but she doesn’t know if they ended up going through with it.

haunted photos
Completely 110% unedited.

Nevertheless, meet the guy who is clearly visible on the floor. The barmaids told me that they purposely left this as the original toilet, and the other had been updated since then. You can slightly see the wooden toilet seat to the left.

What do you think?

So, we’ve come to the end of my spooky week! I hope you all enjoy halloween, if you’re struggling with what to do, here are some suggestions. If you have any entities in any of your pictures, feel free to reach out to me over at

Until next time… stay spooky x

haunted photos

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