For many of us, the mind of a Serial Killer is fascinating. Often, when we tell other people, they instantly label us one. I recently found out that I was ‘normal’ at a ‘talk’ I went to, but we’ll get to that another day.

Today, however, I know myself I love listening to storytellers. Back in my younger years I used to listen to ‘storytime’ videos in the background on YouTube. Nowadays they’ve upgraded to podcasts, but they seem to have got more morbid. Here are my top 7 list of Murder Podcasts, for any weirdos like me… enjoy!

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  1. My Favourite Murder
    Presented by Karen and Georgia
  2. The Serial Killer Podcast
    Presented by Thomas
  3. Casefile
    Presented by Mike
  4. Monsters who Murder: Serial Killer Confessions
    I just found this one today – It contains the real tapes, I cant wait to hear it! Presented by Amanda and Robert
  5. True Crime Garage
    Presented by Nic and Captain
  6. Crime Junkie
    Presented by Ashley and Brit
  7. Redhanded
    Presented by Suruthi and Hannah

There we have it! In no particular order, here are 7 podcasts that I recommend, all about Serial Killers!

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