Who am I?

I’m Emma, nice to meet you. I’m currently in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, wishing I’d done it sooner than 29, now 30! When I’m not galavanting around the globe I like to sit down and play sims, socialise, watch TikTok videos and collect tattoos. I love dogs; I had a black labrador called Molly who sadly passed away last year. She was the family dog who has now been replaced by a red fox labrador called Basil – I haven’t met him yet.

In case you didn’t notice, I like to talk a lot and I also have a bit of dark humour. My dark side goes even further though… not a lot of people know this but back in 2021, I released my anonymous side project called The Crypt Chick. Here I like to go around graveyards, take pictures and research the people who are buried there. On my 1 year anniversary, I did a face reveal so it’s kind of in the open now.

about me
This was back in my bright hair days with Molly in the background!

What is A River of Roses?

A River of Roses was created back in 2013 on YouTube. Originally it was a space to share music covers and original songs. When I was writing music I was also expressing myself through expensive trips to the hairdressers. Gradually my hair deteriorated so I decided to switch up the YouTube content and dedicate the channel to fixing my hair.

When my hair started getting better, I stopped making videos. I’d upload every now and then but my occasional videos were vlogs from my holidays. After neglecting my channel for a year or so I noticed that one of my videos had hit 100k, so I decided to rank up the content, making weekly videos every Wednesday.

The content would range from beauty to travel to lifestyle and everything in between. That is when I decided to introduce ariverofroses.com and this site is now fully travel related!