If you didn’t know, a tiny bit over a month ago I travelled to Australia for a year! Hopefully, over the next year, I’ll be filling this blog up with lots of memories that we make along the way.

So, let’s recap what I’ve been up to over the past month. We landed in Perth on December 29th and spent the first few days in the city. We were only in Perth for 2 nights but the whole experience felt like a week in itself, well and truly including that flight – it made me never want to get on a plane again! No turbulence or anything, just very, very boring. 

The first night in Perth at Elizabeth Quay – I know how to say it now!

Liam Surprised his Brother!

When Liam first asked me if I fancied moving to Australia, he told me that his dream was to surprise his brother in a restaurant. So, that’s exactly what he did on his birthday! 1st December rolled around, and Liam’s Sister-in-Law, Charlotte booked a lovely brewery for us all to meet in called Sound Brewing Co. We sat down and were looking back and forth at Charlotte, waiting for the pair to click on, it took a while. Eventually, after reading the menu about 15 times, Liam decided to go to the bar, and Charlotte sent Anthony too. It took him a while to recognize him, it had been 7 years!

We had a lovely evening and after that, we retreated back to theirs where they have kindly let us stay ever since.

nissan xtrail australia travel

Prepping the Car

On December 7th we purchased our Nissan X-Trail. I’m lucky that Liam is a keen handyman and DIY-er when it comes to pretty much everything, especially cars. If you didn’t know, he decked out our camper van, Toast, who we spend our last night of 2021 in. 

So far, our X-Trail has an awning, roof tent, roof rack, and fridge, and we’ve also picked up some $30 camping chairs from Aldi too. I’ll probably do a full blog post on the Reno when it’s done with all the specs and prices. 

rockingham beach western australia perth

Spending Christmas in Australia

We had a lovely Christmas and New Year with Charlotte’s Family. It was different to spend it on the beach anyway! Can you believe the first time I put a bikini on was on Christmas Day? No, neither can I… 

After that, we went over to Charlotte’s parent’s house where Charlotte’s mum put on a spread for 20 people! Safe to say there was no room for dessert, so we had that after. Charlotte’s dad is a musician, so we spent a nice chunk of the day singing popular Christmas songs in the front garden. Unfortunately, the neighbours were more bothered about spending Christmas in their own homes rather than generating an audience for us. Frank is in a great band though, we went to record their practice the other day, they’re called Beats Working – click the link to find out more!

Hope you enjoyed my first blog post about Australia! I have more planned, that I’ll be posting in the coming weeks, such as tips and travel guides.

If you have any questions about a Working Holiday in Australia, please feel free to drop them in the comments and I’ll make sure to cover them in my next blog post.

Happy New Year!

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