Although travelling is ultimately the most fun experience ever, it can get a little bit tedious, especially when you’re on the same road for 10+ hours… in some cases.

If you find yourself in the passenger seat for longer than desired; or if you’re simply in the middle of nowhere, here are some iPhone games to keep your mind in gear. This post only applies if you still have any battery left, of course.


We’re starting off with a golden oldie here. I first downloaded this app during the first part of 2019 when I took a trip to Las Vegas & LA. This trip involved a lot of flying. I recall the first flight being around 11 hours, another being 7, and another being about 3. Having to repeat the first two again meant I needed something to kill the plane time!


I’ve loved Sudoku ever since I was a small child. This iconic Japanese number game is always the first puzzle that springs to mind when I’m either;

  1. Shopping for a puzzle book
  2. Preparing my new phone for a trip abroad!

Tile Garden

This is another one of my favourites. I can’t quite believe I’m going to tell you this as it’s quite embarrassing… A few weeks ago I was playing one of my favourite games, Township, when they brought out a seasonal Mahjong game and I got quite excited, I was disappointed when they turned it off! The graphics on this game are also very good.


This one can get quite addictive. Personally, I use it as a ‘filler-in-game’; you know, when you’ve got a bit of spare time going during the day… you’ve just got to remember when to turn it off!

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Candy Crush

This game has been running for donkeys. However, did you know that it also performs offline? Therefore, it is getting added to the list! Personally, my mum put me off it because she did get a little bit addicted. However, Candy Crush a very good game, which is why its been running so long!

Temple Run/Subway Surfers

Whatever floats your boat! These two games go hand in hand, fitting themselves into the same category. It simply narrows down to whatever you fancy; the jungle or the streets!

Criminal Case

I’d like to personally thank myself for writing this blog post. I used to play this game YEARS ago, and I completely forgot about it. I’ve now added it to my collection for our many Aussie road trips! This is a hidden object game that allows you to collect clues as you go along, in turn solving many cases.

Best Fiends

Remember when this game was sponsored on literally every YouTube video you watched? Well, I’m pretty sure I downloaded it before then; and this post isn’t sponsored! I’m half-convinced that they don’t really need that much marketing anymore. However, I thought I’d add this game since I was very addicted to it back in the day. As a matter of fact; just for this post I have just downloaded the app to find out that I was on level 290! That still doesn’t beat my level 1144 on Gardenscapes, though.

I’ve got a problem, I know.

Have I missed any travel games off this list? Let me know your favourites!
…and with that; happy travels!

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