Did you know that I’m off to Vegas at the beginning of February? Well, if you didn’t – you do now! I’m going on the 2nd for a bit of a short while – 2 full days in fact! We’re off somewhere else after but you’ll have to wait for my next post for that!

I left school 10 years ago in September and me and the girls have always said that we will go on holiday together. Here we are, 10 years later – finally going! Anyway, since we’re going for such a short amount of time, we’re not going to get chance to do all of this, but nevertheless, I thought I’d put down a little checklist for you, and myself in case I ever go back!

Yes, it snows at The Grand Canyon!

The Grand Canyon

We’ve all heard of it. To be honest, I’ve no idea what it’s like, but apparently, it’s on everyone’s automatic bucket list of life. It is though, isn’t it? Let’s be honest. I’m going to go – even if I don’t get to go this trip, even though my boyfriend said he went and it was sh*t, it’s still on my list, and I’m sure it’s on yours too!
– Okay, so I’ve just googled it and it’s in Arizona! I didn’t realise Vegas was right next door… you learn something new every day!

The Vegas Strip

According to our travel Agent, Louise – this one is an easy one for us, because apparently our hotel, The Stratosphere, is right on the strip! So, if we want to explore the nightlife, we haven’t got far to go at all! Stay tuned on my Instagram – make sure you watch my story on the 2nd – 5th Feb, and you’ll see what it’s like! … ok, googled it again and it’s an hour walk. I hope my Uber app works in America!

The Neon Sign

This one is another bucket list number. Even more important to Las Vegas than the last one. Although the Grand Canyon has been there many, many… many years before the sign (that was only installed in the 60s), the sign in my eyes is what I see when someone says the name ‘Las Vegas’ to me… other than Elvis, of course.

A Show

Ok, so this one is more for everyone else, rather than myself. My best friend Sarah, who I’m actually going to Vegas with, just loves anything show/theatre related, and I know a lot of others do too, so I thought I’d pop this one in here! In vegas it is all apparently magic related, which does make things a little bit more interesting and entertaining in my eyes – got to be honest!

The Neon Museum – Vegas

This is one I actually found when I wasn’t even looking at things to do in Vegas. I was just on Instagram one day, and they happened to feature a hashtag that I was following! Don’t ask which one – I’ve got no idea. But I thought that this one would be very interesting and quite fun yet completely different to the other features – apart from one, of course!

Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum – Vegas

Okay, if you really want me to be honest… I’ve never heard or even looked up this one, I’ve just popped it on here because I love anything ghost related. I’d love to meet someone with an equal passion and hop on a plane to a really haunted city and just basically have a whole holiday on it.

I know we won’t get to go to this place because last time we went to the Dungeons in London, Sarah was physically screaming her head off and everyone was looking at us. Looks like another trip to Vegas is on the cards! – Not even been yet; I know.

Hotel Bellagio

I completely forgot about the hotels in Vegas. As in, like they’re all themed aren’t they?! I want to go to this one, it looks well nice. I’m half Italian and I want to get my fix okay? Plus, I’ve never been to an indoor venice before – it looks well good!

The Mob Museum

Surprise! I’m a psycho! No, really though. I’m one of those really weird people who genuinely regrets not becoming a detective because I love investigating stuff and I love getting my geek on in places like this!

Bit random but the real reason I never got into being a detective is because I’m bloody lazy, and you’ve got to run after criminals to get to the top haven’t you? No promos for me…

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There you have it! All the places on my bucket list for my wonderful and exciting two days in Vegas! Have you been before? Let me know your recommendations in the comments!

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