In my last post and the post before that, I was so excited about Las Vegas that I kind of neglected Los Angeles but I promise – I did actually go. We did only have 2 nights there, and this was the only part of the entire holiday that made me reflect on by booking decisions, making me realise that I’d definitely jumped in too quick. This was because we only had 2 full days here, and half a day where we didn’t really know what we were doing. But like I’ve said before – more of an excuse to go back! Anyway, here are my top pictures from Los Angeles!

The Baywatch Beach

santa monica beach santamonica baywatch sunflower asos marc jacobs sand ariverofroses a river of roses

Okay, so starting off with this one! This was one of my favourites, and it was the only picture taken where I’m wearing a dress. In this picture I’m stood on Santa Monica Beach! Yes, it was exactly how I imagined it (except it was a few degrees cooler), there were people working out here and there, glorious day(ish), people riding their bikes – quality!

Obviously, I’m not some bloke who drools at the first sight of Pamela Anderson in a swimsuit, so I didn’t realise that this was the beach where they filmed Baywatch, till we got there. Of course, when I found out, you know me! I had to do it. Click here to see me doing my fully-clothed, handbag-in-hand, Baywatch run.

The Fanciest Street I’d Ever Seen In My Entire Life

Honestly, I even though I was on a bus when I took this picture, my brain was like “Emma… don’t… touch… anything…”. I felt like I was scared for anyone to look at me from outside, there were fancy cars everywhere and oh honestly, it was a really strange experience. I kind of wanted to eliminate everyone from the street (temporarily), hop off the bus and snoop around. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this was a high street in Beverly Hills.

I promise it’s there somewhere.

If you squint a little, you’ll be able to see it. Sadly, due to our limited time in L.A., this was the closest we could get to the Hollywood Sign – do you see what I mean now?!

It’s Britney, Bitch!

a river of roses hollywood sign hollywoodsign beverly hills walk of fame stars britney spears emma henry

It actually is though! I’m surprised I found this, but I’m also really happy that this one accidentally came out the best. We also found signs for Eddie Murphy, Paul Rudd, Bruce Lee, Orlando Bloom, Donald Trump, Michael Jackson (absolute cringe after watching his Neverland documentary). Let me know if you wanna see one of them – we got a few more too.

Universal Studios – Los Angeles, California

When there’s a battle between Disney and Universal, Universal always wins for me! We had such a great time in Universal. I don’t know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing, but the place was so small. We had time to go on all the rides, and see the majority of the shows, with time to spare! The team favourite was, of course, Harry Potter. This was a very proud moment for a Potterhead like me. When my friends turned to me and told me how much they loved The Forbidden Journey.

A Stroll in City Walk

This is another one of my favourite places in the world. Honestly, Orlando Universal is the winner of the two, but when it comes to City Walk, Hollywood wins hands down. I just thought this one was so cosy, and compact and everything was just so easy to find. Everything was huge and really pretty as you see above. We had a little wonder down here before heading into Margaritaville for a cocktail. Service in there wasn’t too great, might I add. There were only 2 people serving, they seemed to be on one side of the bar even though there were people sitting at my side too.

I feel like out of the 2, Los Angeles is still very much an open book out of the whole holiday. I’d absolutely love to go back and spend a leisurely week there. Hopefully, in the future, I’ll be able to find a great deal like I did this time! Have you been to Los Angeles before? Don’t forget to leave your favourite places to visit in the comments!

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