I know I usually do these kinds of posts as YouTube videos, but I’ve got so many videos prepared for my channel I felt like I’d change things up a bit, so here are a few things I’ve been loving this July! (or last month) The first few are things I discovered on my holiday.

1. Girls on Tour by Nicola Doherty
Now, I’m not a lover of reading. I bought this book just before my holiday to Malta, yes, over a year ago, and I’ve just started reading it! I’m so glad I have though, I’m still not past the first chapter because they seem to be going on forever, but they have been split into little stories! I’m not sure what happens between all the girls yet as I’m only reading about the first girl, but this is a lovely story and it’s really girly and full of fictional gossip and surprising twists. A great summer read!

2. My New Bikini

This bikini has no name because I got this at the Wednesday market in Puerto Pollensa. I’ve wanted one of these bikini’s for a very long time! Lucky me got one that I actually love! There isn’t much else to say about it really! It fits really well, it’s comfy, and it looks really nice! 

3. Perfume £17.00 from Boots

I spotted this perfume the first day of my holiday and I just longed to buy it the entire week I was there. On the last day, I knew we wouldn’t be passing the store again so I thought, ‘I have to buy this’ even though I didn’t know what the scent was like. So I went in store and tried it, and I could smell this wonderful tropical sweet smell with a hint of coconut and pineapple. I’m not entirely sure what the description was on the box as I’ve thrown it away, but just know that I’m not a fan of coconut at all but I’m a big fan of this! A must if you love sweet floral themed perfumes.

4. Dove Hair Mask £4.00 from Boots

This mask has worked wonders on my hair. You may know that my hair hasn’t been it’s usual happy self, it kind of got used to everything I was trying and I wasn’t seeing a difference in my hair growth journey, but since using this, it’s become happy again! I can feel it growing and becoming strong and flowing and I’m really happy with it. Unfortunately I’ve only got one use left and I use it once out of my 2 hair washes a week, but I’m going to Leeds tomorrow and this is definitely going on my shopping list!

discontinued 🙁

5. Golden Leaved Head Band from ASOS £8.00 from ASOSHere’s a similar one

I treat this head band as a crown of diamonds or something! I feel as though it is really delicate so I make sure it doesn’t go near anything that might break it, why? Because I love wearing it! Although it may irritate my ears, it always provides me with a nice bohemian touch to any outfit and I feel like a queen when I wear it. 


6. Inside Out

This was my last film review/post, but I love this film so much, I can’t wait to see it again, I might even go tomorrow as my mum wanted to go see it, and we’re having a day out! Fingers crossed!


*See review in previous post*

7. Blistex MedPlus – £2.69 from Boots

I only bought this product yesterday, but it’s repaired my little disaster that I had when my matte lipstick completely dried out and ruined my lips. Not only has it fixed my problem, but it feels so moisturising and nourishing on my lips, I love the tingly minty sensation that it gives you, and I’m going to continue to use it and hope that it might miraculously transform my lips into something completely different to the state they were originally in!


Thank you so much for reading this post…   What favourites have you been loving in the month of July?


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