I don’t know about you, but I think we had some pretty nice weather last summer. Now, granted nobody knows the forecast for when June comes around, but I’m sure we will have at least one nice day! Here are some little ways in which you can throw the ultimate summer party by yourself this year, that will make all your friends jealous.

By the way, the weather thing applies to the UK, but the tips are obviously global! Oh and doubly by the way; I was this close *pinches fingers* to calling this a Perfectly Splendid Summers Day! Where are all my Bly Manor fans?!


1 – Pick up your camera

Tell me if I’m wrong, this might just be how I tend to work my ‘perfect’ days. I love vlogging, that is no secret at all. I also love to watch back my vlogs. To have the opportunity to look back on your day by putting a video together through editing later on, it’s just the icing on the cake!

Vlogging is the easy bit. I personally love editing videos but I understand it’s not for everyone! I usually offer a service for video editing on Fiverr, BUT if you come from my blog I will do it for FREE! Just drop me an email here if you are interested.

Just me sat on the top of a big building. Wouldn’t recommend having a party up here but here’s my camera!

2 – Pick a day, and make sure to say ALL the positive affirmations

Before you even start the day it’s always good to plan in advance. Obviously, it’s easier if you have a birthday or event to plan, but I definitely recommend planning in advance! For example, creating this post today (25/March) has inspired me to start planning my birthday (07/April).

I made sure to note the positive affirmations because personally, I think it is the ideal way to start the day. This especially applies to the more recent times. I know there are a lot of people struggling out there, I’m up and down myself. I’ve started giving myself a little pep talk every morning now, about how proud of myself I am and how headstrong I am, basically, and it really helps. I’ll definitely be amping that up on my birthday! #noshame

3 – Pick a theme

Okay, so we all have a Pinterest board for our weddings, right?! We have our hearts set on exactly how we want it. Imagine that, except a LOT cheaper, and a lot more short notice (not always).

I said beach theme at the top, but this is entirely up to you. A few years ago I attended my friend’s Hawaiian party; perfect example! However, you could pull out the bag a jungle theme, an Ibiza theme, or Coachella. I don’t know I’m just trying to spruce up some ideas from my little noggin’! Oh, a hard rock summer theme would be perfect 🖤

4 – Make a soundtrack for your summer

I personally love Spotify for this… who doesn’t?! I’m even going to go away overnight and plan my very own playlist. I can guarantee it ain’t gonna be for everyone, because if we all had the same taste the world would be a boring place. However, here are some songs I’d love…

POV: You’re in a camper van along Route 66 with this blasting through your speakers.

5 – Get your favourite fruity snacks

In my opinion, you can’t get any better food in the summer than fruit. To me, it’s perfect! So, make sure you have a platter of fruit ready in your garden for cheeky hydration throughout the day! This platter by Hoosier Homemade looks divine!

6 – Plan outfits in advance

This intertwines with the theme, but make sure you make yourself feel your best self. Whether that be doing your makeup, going completely bare-faced and going outside in your dressing gown (wouldn’t recommend if it’s warm)! The outdoors is always good for the soul and personally, I always feel my best when dressed up!

7 – Summer Cocktails are where it’s at!

I for one am terrible at making cocktails. The reason being, I always put too much alcohol in… is that a bad thing? Yes, it very much is in my case! I also tried mixing Parma Violet gin with Fanta once. Yeah, you can guess how that went down… the drain. Actually, I think I ended up drinking it because I don’t like wasting anything! But, that’s just me; 10/10 would not recommend it.

summer 2021
Just me enjoying my cocktail in Turkey!

Anyway, check these awesome cocktails out from my favourite… Tipsy Bartender!

8 – Get the games ready & get on ZOOM!

I had a lot of fun researching this one. To cut it short… here are some ways in which you can make your perfect day a bit more fun!:

  • If you don’t live alone, get your housemate/OH to give you a scavenger hunt!
  • Pub quizzes with your friends on Zoom!
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Jackbox Party

9 – Buy a projector, and have a movie night in the garden

Grab yourself a bedsheet, find a decent projector and get ready to take a trip down memory lane! That last bit is probably for the nineties kids only. Feel free to jazz up your garden with fairy lights and indulge in your new personal outdoor cinema! Oh, don’t be surprised if you catch the neighbours peeping over the fence.


Whenever you feel like the night is drawing in, put on your comfiest loungewear and head indoors for your ultimate night in! Who says nights in have to be boring?!

10 – Build a fort in your living room

Grab all the pillows in your house (yes, all of them), and everything in between, and get ready to bring back your childhood with a fort! If you don’t know how to make one, check out this little tutorial here!

11 – Get a hot chocolate bar ready

Ok, so this one wasn’t on the agenda. However, when I saw it on Pinterest, I couldn’t bare to leave it out! To be specific, I saw this post. I mean, who could leave that one out… it looks so good!

marshmallows in mug summer 2021 lockdown
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

12 – Hire a movie (a new one)

We all complain about having seen every single movie available on Netflix and all the usual subscription platforms. Unfortunately, the cinemas in the UK are all closed at the moment (March 2021). They’re probably gonna be open in the summer. But, personally, I won’t be visiting the cinemas until 2022. Simply because I want to be as careful as possible!

13 – Finish the day noting all the things you are grateful for

On from the negative, and onto the positive! I love doing this from time to time. Especially when you are going through a rough time, it’s easy to get into a rut and feel sorry for yourself. So, if you don’t do this already, take your favourite notebook, and write some happy memories, have a little reminiscent session. I know that doesn’t make sense. Don’t go and write ‘nothing’ – there is something out there that makes you grateful, whether it’s your favourite food or a funny moment that you want to relive – it’s completely up to you.

So, I’m just gonna take this opportunity to wish you all a beautiful summer. Even though it’s only Spring, I hope everyone’s summer brings some fantastic memories for everyone reading this. Remember to be kind, and embrace every moment with everyone around you, but be careful, and hopefully, we can all have a group hug with no c0vid next year! 🤞

Got any more ideas? Leave them below!

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