Here you will find a list of blogs that cover the topics of true crime, murder, paranormal, horror movies, general horror, and anything else I could find. If you’re like me, and you live for anything spooky, you’ll love any of these that I’m about to talk about.

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UK True Crime

The UK True Crime Blog is presented by Adam. Adam raises awareness of murder cases; not only that, but he also presents book reviews, interviews, and more!

Talk Murder with Me

This blog is hosted by Natalie who brings us in-depth blog posts about the upsetting murder stories that shook the world.

Dying Words

A blog hosted by a retired homicide detective?! Yes, please! On this blog, you will find a complete mixed bag, from fun quizzes, to unsolved mysteries of historic crimes, along with the analysis of ‘dying words’. Presented by Garry Rodgers.

Historical Crime Detective

Here you will find the blog of writer, James Lucky Morrow as he explores the unresolved crimes that were left unclosed.

Defrosting Cold Cases

Alice De Sturler plays a detective on her blog as she unravels the cases that became cold. Did the police investigators miss something? Click the link to find out…

Here’s The Fucking Twist

If you know me in person, you’ll know I’m a bit of a potty mouth. So, when I see swearing in somebody’s blog title, and I learn that they blog about true crime, you just know I’m subscribing to that shit. Although, I’ve still not mastered how to subscribe to blogs, if I’m honest – give me a minute, I’ll get it.

Hayley Is A Ghost

Paranormal Investigator Hayley fills her little corner of the internet up with all things paranormal! In her latest post, she discusses an Ouija Board that is apparently being sold at Poundland. I am now intrigued… and I may or may not be paying Poundland a visit this weekend!

Horror Habit

On this website, you will find content written by Jodie. Jodie writes reviews of horror films, and occasionally writes lists just like this one! I’ll make sure to turn to Horror Habit the next time I’m struggling for something to watch.


This site is for the ultimate horror fans. Here you will find a variety of horror cult content; from movies, to tv shows and games, and everything in between.

House of Horrors

Think everything horror movies and serial killers; you’ll find it here!

Popcorn Horror

This one is a little different, in a good way. Here you will find unique posts, looking at Halloween Costumes, listing local events around the UK, Arts & crafts, spooky locations; you name it!

My Life of Crime

This blog is written in memory of each victim and it focuses on bringing justice. There are a whole collection of crimes on this blog, and it’s not just murder, but every crime that is written about is truly shocking.


This blog documents true crime, mysteries, and bizarre encounters. Morbidology also hosts a podcast too!

Let me know your favourite horror-themed blogs below!

Thank you for reaching the end of the blog, surprisingly, horror and true crime blogs don’t seem to be that big of a niche! That’s what I found anyway because these were so bloody difficult to find!

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Let me know what you’ve been reading anyway, and till next time, stay safe and stay spooky x

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