This week’s video is a bit of a collective haul, but in this blog post, I’ll be talking about beauty-related things. There are more things in the video. If you’d like to see what else I bought, please scroll down!

Beauty Eyelashes

We all get that one pair of lashes from TKMaxx that we know we’ll never wear. This one is mine. I can’t remember how much the lashes were but the tweezers are probably my favourite set I own!

beauty video collective haul

Baby Beauty Blenders

Never have I ever cooed over a set of beauty blenders before… until now. However, can you blame me?! These guys had to come home with me, they’ll be perfect for setting my eyeshadow base!

beauty video collective haul

Lip Liner

I am forever buying burgundy lipsticks to find the perfect shade. I now have a lipliner to go with it!

Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette

I have one and two… I might as well get three! I love Urban Decay, they’re my favourite brand!

beauty video collective haul

A Trio of Bright Lips

The first two are Jeffree Star (Jawbreaker, and Queen Bee), and the dark green is Colorpop’s Dr. M.

As promised, here is the video!

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