We all have that one ‘impulse buy’ every now and again, and that’s exactly what happened when I saw Diablo Cosmetics ad for a Colour Changing Foundation.  

I was quite looking forward to trying this out. However, the excitement soon died down after the first month went by and it hadn’t turned up. I’d completely forgotten about it when I went to collect my parcel from the sorting office – I thought my foundation was a gift from my boyfriend. This honestly made it a little disappointing when I opened the package – not going to lie! 

Who are Diablo Cosmetics? 

Okay, so I don’t know about you, but when my parcel ends up off the radar for over a month, I end up a bit curious and ask myself “Who are Diablo Cosmetics?“. So, off we go… to the internet!  

According to their Social Media, their first Instagram post was the last day of February 2019, and their Facebook stretches back a little bit earlier to October. So they’re not that old really. The foundation however; that’s been rolling around the web for the past year. I’m not quite sure what the deal is, if Diablo Cosmetics is simply a rep, or what! Nevertheless, I bought the foundation on April 4th, and TLM’s first Instagram post was on 22nd April, which confused me a bit, but hey-ho.  

My eyelid colour is my natural complexion – after the course of 1 hour, the foundation never changed.

The Foundation: First Impressions

My instant reaction to this foundation was that it was very white; but I didn’t let it phase me. I was quite impressed by its thick consistency that almost resembled Urban Decays All-Nighter Foundation. I then applied it to my face. There’s many people who say this resembled moisturiser, but I disagree. 

I think this foundation is basically a kind of Sunscreen. I mean, it might not be, but it’s got an SPF of 15 and it’s very white and thin. I think I applied this foundation at least 4 times before it gave me any kind of coverage; which isn’t ideal.  

After completing the whole process, I had a little close-up.

Little Sand Granules on my face?!

That’s when I noticed some granules on my face that I could only describe as sand. You can see examples of this in my video: 

Would I use this again? 

Yes, I would. However, this is only because it actually had some very different reviews. I’d personally love to see this first hand on a different person’s skin tone; so if anyone wants to come forward, feel free to drop me a message! On another note; if I do end up trying this again, I’ll keep you posted on my Instagram

I’d love to know, have you tried this foundation before? Let me know down below! 

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  1. I love this product!!! I ordered it on October 18 and the money has come out of my account but I’ve not received the product. Can you tell me when I might get it?

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