If you’ve come here for some chocolate, go to the co-op, they’ve got plenty. Today I’m going to be sharing with you what the internet has been going crazy for lately, and what I’m quite honestly battling with my purse with not to buy. Here are some absolutely diamond gold sparkling advent calendars, dipped in gold again, they put a cherry on top, and then they dipped in chocolate, just for good measure.

In layman’s terms, here are some beauty, lifestyle, and fashion advent calendars that I wouldn’t mind owning before December rolls around. Sounds like the start of a song doesn’t it? If any musicians read that, I’m claiming 60% – thanks. Just a disclaimer, a couple of these are out of stock, I don’t know why I featured them, but I couldn’t not, because they fit the description and they’re so pretty!

Birchbox Advent Calendar – RRP: £65.00 – R.I.P.

birchbox advent calendar
Source: Birchbox

I’m so sad that this advent calendar isn’t going to be in my hands this year. I, unfortunately, waited a little bit too late to try and get this guy in my basket, but I thought to myself, ‘never mind, I’ll just add myself to the waiting list’! Then, sometime over a week ago I received an email at bang on 7:05. I vaguely heard my phone buzz but I was still in the land of nod. Then I checked it at 7:35 and sure enough, it told me it was back in stock… clicked the link… out of stock!

I didn’t mean for this first one to be a story but it is now. Following this I was a woman on a mission and I actually contacted Birchbox directly, and they then informed me that it was officially out of stock… forever (the 2018 one anyway).

Harry Potter Advent Calendar – RRP: £15.00 – In store

If it wasn’t for my mum (and Asda being awkward) this would be in my hands right now, or on my table patiently waiting for the 1st of December. There were 2 dilemmas I encountered when trying to buy this calendar:

  1. I searched every Asda within my vicinity to find it, and couldn’t. It wasn’t online either! I’m not sure where The Hufflepuff Queen got it from, or UniLAD for that matter, but nope! I even found myself asking Asda employees, who hadn’t even heard of it…. 1 girl didn’t even know who Harry Potter was, but that was another story… that I’m not even going to get into.
  2. I received a text message from my mum soon after my calendar search stopped. It simply read, ‘Don’t buy the Harry Potter advent calendar’. On Friday night I was looking on Amazon for my recent orders and sure enough, at the top of the page, my mum had been buying little harry potter gifts – she’s making me a calendar!

NYX Sugar Trip Advent Calendar – RRP: £50.00

This year’s looks pretty… this year’s looks really, really pretty! However, it also has lots of lip glosses, and unfortunately, they don’t suit me. The NYX Sugar Trip calendar looked very exciting this year, or it still does. So, if lip glosses suit you then definitely go for it!

Source: ASOS

The last time I had an NYX Advent Calendar was in 2016, and I really loved it! I was very tempted to buy it again this year but I just won’t use it enough!

Yankee Candle 24-Day Wreath Advent Calendar – RRP: £24.99 £19.95

Yankee Candle Advent Calendar
Source: Amazon

It is a definite for all you candle lovers, obviously. The great thing about this advent calendar (I’m assuming – there are no spoilers), is that the scent will last through the whole candle! Yankees are famous for their strong-smelling candles, but a lot of people know that this is only really true for the first half. Well, this calendar looks like it has a lot of small candles in it, which are a perfect size for getting a whole lot of scent in your room – perfect!

H&M Jewellery Advent Calendar – RRP: £24.99

h and m advent calendar
Source: H&M

This one is the one on my maybe list. Maybe, because my mum’s making me a calendar with loads of little jewellery pieces in it, but them little baubles just do it for me! I could just go in-store and see if you can buy the baubles separately, though. On the other hand (no pun intended), those little rings might not fit my tiny fingers… that might be a problem. Maybe I should just stick to what’s on the stands in store!

Paperchase Stationary Advent Calendar – RRP: £30.00

advent calendar stationary paperchase
Source: Paperchase

At the time of posting this, this advent calendar is out of stock. Before you all shout at me, I know, I should’ve posted it sooner – I’m sorry! I was very close to buying this calendar after seeing Gemm Auck bought it, and I don’t really know why I didn’t, but it’s too late right now. As it stands, I’m actually popping into Bradford today so I might hype myself up a bit and see if it’s in stock there!

The only calendar it looks like I’ll be actually buying this year is this Haribo one for a fiver. You could only buy 2 at once so I’ve bought one for Aaron too… and I may have bought one for the dog… judge as you wish.

Stay tuned on my Instagram, I’ll be popping in every day on my story to show you what I’ve bought, if you’re a Christmas fanatic like me, I’m doing Blogmas this year for the first time – so stay tuned for that!

Let me know in the comments what Advent Calendar you’ll be getting this year!

*Featured image is courtesy of Pixabay

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