Following last week’s post, I thought I would create a bucket list for 2016. Join me in my video as I reflect on last year, see what I achieved, and make some aspirations too.

goals for 2016

What I Hope to Achieve in 2016

Get a new job

This year I hope to get a new job. I love my work but I have big ambitions and I want to evolve into a career path.

Dye Hair

I used to love dying my hair. My mum does bright colours all the time. Watching creators like Luanna Perez makes me want to join the club again

Get a new tattoo

I just want to get more meaningful artwork on my body!

Take thumbnails for videos

I’m a culprit for always taking screenshots of my videos for a thumbnail. I think it would benefit me if I

Visit a country I’ve never been to before!

I want to expand my travel radar!

Get a car

Now that I’ve passed my driving test, I want to reach the next step and get my very own car.

Get 370 Subscribers

I love making videos and in 2016 I want to expand my audience.

Get lighting for videos

This year I want to level up my video game by purchasing some lighting for my videos.

Have a clearout

I’m known for being a hoarder. I have too much stuff that I simply need to get rid of!

Move out!

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