I would say I was anxious when starting my blog. But I’ll be honest with you… I wasn’t. However, I’ve got a good reason for having no fear, and a good place to write this post, so hear me out – or read me out… I guess?

At the age of 17, I threw myself into a big wormhole or a trench hole at that. I started posting singing videos, and I posted them in ‘secret’ because I thought nobody would watch them. I was very, very wrong. Within the first hour of any video I put up, there were at least 7 dislikes, before anyone had the chance to like it. I stayed persistent and got even more backlash, but I stayed persistent again and gradually moved away from music, and the hate slowly died down.

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I’ve been blogging and creating videos for almost 10 years now… 8 to be exact (10 sounds better). It’s safe to say that although I’ve not grown the biggest of following, I’ve certainly learnt a lot along the way, and today I’m here to share my tips on how to get over the fear of blogging.

1. Just start it.

Honestly, starting a blog will be the best thing you ever do. It’s like having an agony aunt! I personally don’t have much of a social life anymore, so having a keyboard in front of me, and a place to just have a good ramble is a great way to let off some steam!

Blogging can also be great for your mental health. A friend of mine was advised by her therapist to start a blog, so she did and it has really helped her, and although I’d personally consider my mental health to be at a current steady state, I can see why it would help someone.

2. Start a Diary First

This can be a great practice route for your blog. Maybe have a good few rants, and then if you feel like a particular post isn’t too personal, show a friend! The more positive feedback you get, the more encouraged you’ll feel to start the blog.

3. “What if nobody reads it?”

Do you want to know the truth? Nobody will at first, especially if you don’t share it around. You have to build a following! I know people who are scared of blogging, and they ask me this question. I honestly don’t see why this would make you fear blogging, but I felt like I should put this in here because I know people who piece those things together!

4. I don’t know what to blog about!

Alright, I’ll admit it…. I’ll join you on this one. I find Pinterest is a great way to create content. I never used to use Pinterest before I started my blog up again, and now I find it is a great way to find inspiration for new posts!

5. F*** the haters!

Every blog comes with at least 1 hater, not every post, but you’ll get one. Chances are, they’ll know you in real life. They’ll be one of your ex-school/college friends who have nothing else better to do with their lives! At least that’s the case for me. You have to remember that, that is exactly how it is… they literally have nothing better to do! The best way to deal with haters though is to respond nicely to them, don’t stoop to their level, and certainly don’t take it to heart… They’re the bitter ones, not you!

6. How do I decorate my blog?

This is definitely one that I wish I told my past self. As you may be aware, I recently swapped my platform from Blogger to WordPress (post coming soon), and this was something I was very concerned about. I thought it would completely mess up my layout, the blog was live the whole time, and I must’ve gone through about 50 themes before I decided on one!

If I had my way again, I’d perfect how the presentation is, completely to how I like it. Ask some friends for their opinions, before sharing them with the world. If not, you might just get a little bit paranoid… or a lot, like me!

7. Accept that you’re gonna mess it all up for a few days

I certainly did that when I changed platforms. I also did it a few times when I tried to change the layout in the past. It’s just a way of life! Just remember that you’re probably not going to have hundreds of people watching you whilst you try to fix it.

8. Don’t focus on the money

You’ll just stress yourself out. I recently went on my first blogger’s brunch, and whilst I was there I remember Rosie of Mum Busy Lifestyle saying, “Does anyone actually make money?” the table just went silent for a bit, then I glanced around and noticed that everyone was shaking their heads. A couple of people made a little, but none of us were full-time bloggers. Yes, we were all there with the aim to one day have our blog take off, but that takes a lot of time and effort, and with a full-time job, it’s probably the hardest thing ever!

9. Make friends!

As you can see, I’ve been vlogging (that’s video blogging) for 8 years, and it’s taken me this long(ish) to actually meet someone within the community. I really wish I’d done it sooner, and that’s why I’m including this step! Not only will you gain some friends, but you’ll also gain a whole library of knowledge from people with experience. Don’t just depend on 1 person and nag them… nag a few! I personally met my friend Amber through YouTube a couple of years ago, you can check her out here if you like!

dog a river of roses ariverofroses
You could just make friends with dogs if you like, that’s cool too. We love a good dog, don’t we?

I suppose I’ll make this a shameless self-promo, if you’re a blogger from Yorkshire, join my group! I created the Yorkshire Bloggers Society (thinking about changing it, I can’t really abbreviate it for copyright reasons) a couple of months ago. If you’d like to join, let me know that you’ve come from this post!

10. You’re not the only one

Absolutely everyone who blogs compares their blog to everyone else. It’s all about competition, but it should never prevent you from actually starting your blogging journey! Instead, you should look at your competitors as friends, and try to revert back to #9, try to make friends with them… Most of us are friendly – honest! I’ll make friends with you anyway, we’re all in this together!

11. What have you got to lose?

Literally, this… I’m ending the post on this because it is very true. What have you got to lose? Other than time. The more time you spend worrying about your blog, the more unnecessary stress you’ll put on yourself. Starting a blog, for me is the best thing ever. I just love having a good old ramble with a small handful of people reading it every now and again. I honestly don’t mind not having a big following. I’m just proud that I have a platform to type down my thoughts (wise choice of words there, Emma).

If you are a blogger, please leave some positive thoughts for aspiring bloggers down below, let’s grow our community bigger and welcome these lovely people! Likewise, if there are any tips you feel I should’ve put in here to make this list longer, leave them down below too!

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