Halloween is probably every makeup lover’s favourite time of year. It’s the perfect time to experiment and step out of your comfort zone; the best time to get creative!

Here are some of the makeup looks that I’ve done throughout the years. If I can do these, anyone can!

Pop Art Look

This was the first time I tried to go ‘out of the box’ when it came to makeup. I was so used to doing simple looks; you know, the usual cat whiskers and all that. In 2016 I thought, ‘f*ck it, I’m going to try something different!

pop art inspired makeup
I even did a video on this one – you can check it out here.

The main things I used for this look were NYX’s White Eyeliner, or any white eyeliner, and a black one! I used Rimmel’s Kohl, to be precise. On top of this, I used a collection of lipsticks and eyeliners.


This one was a super last minute one to go under my dobby mask last year. In my opinion, it was the easiest out of the lot! All you need is a black liquid eyeliner, a black lipstick, and an orange eyeshadow, with bronzer and mascara to complete the look!

Scarecrow Makeup with pigtails and pink background

Fortune Teller

This is another one of my looks that I created ‘back in the day’, well, I don’t know if 2017 is that long ago! Regardless, I absolutely LOVED creating this.

Fortune Teller Halloween Makeup
Eyes are edited using PicMonkey. Oh, and don’t forget your head band too!

I loved experimenting with NYX Glitters and I twinned that with a bunch of face gems from Lottie London. The face gems become discontinued all the time but they always bring out new ones. I got mine from ASOS! Check out the video here.

Ultra Violet Skull

This one I was obsessed with when it was dark. In the light, not so much. I don’t know why, I just didn’t vibe with it! Maybe it was the hair?

UV skull makeup for Halloween
without UV light 👇
skull makeup with curly ginger hair

Regardless, it was my first try at skull makeup 🎥 , and the UV lipstick from INC.redible was just a ‘spur of the moment, kinda thing. The eyes were also edited for affect!

Clown-Inspired Half-Face

At the time, I did this around the same time as the previous one, but this was by far my favourite.

halloween makeup half face clown

I used Snazaroo Face Paint to black out the neck, and mainly the Urban Decay Spectrum Palette for the face. I believe I used Snazaroo’s white face paint for the base. Oh, the SFX? Darling, that’s toilet roll! I’m a classy bird me 😉. Here’s the video for this!

Trick or Treat

Ok, I was SO proud of this one. This was the first time I’ve used entirely my brain to be creative – no inspirations, no reference photos, I was just scoffing on some sweets one day, and it came to my head!

halloween makeup trick or treat pumpkin

I know I probably overuse this photo, but I don’t really care I was just so proud of myself! Oh, and yes, that’s glitter on my nose. It’s probably the only thing I’d change!

Which one is your favourite?!

Here are my Halloween Looks from over the years. Which one is your favourite? Don’t forget to let me know below, and if you try any of these out, hit me up at @ariverofroses on Instagram… until next time,

Stay Spooky x

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