Dolls are by far the most creepy objects when in reference to the paranormal. If you go on eBay or Etsy, you can see that there are haunted dolls listed on there for anyone to own (not advised).

There are many famous and infamous dolls that hold entities. Here are just a few that you’ve probably seen on the big screen!


The paranormal history of Annabelle all started in 1970, when a lady called Deidre was gifted a raggaty Anne doll from her mother. It is understood that Deidre would place the doll at the end of her bed but when she returned at the end of the day, the arms and legs of the doll would be in a different position as to what they were left in.

A few years went by and the situation soon escalated; you can read about it here. You may be able to visit Annabelle for yourself in the future at the Warren’s Occult Museum – that is, of course, if it’s ever open again…

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Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Robert the Doll

As legend has it, if you happen to meet Robert, you must ask his permission to take his picture.

Inspired by Chucky from the movie, ‘Child’s play’, the 116-year-old doll was once gifted to a young boy named Eugene Robert Otto. There are mixed sources that say where the doll was gifted from. Over the years Robert was said to have the power to overturn furtniture in the night. He apparently produced sounds of children laughing within the house; a sound captured by a plumber working alone at the property that resided on Eaton Street.

There are many other ways in which Robert was said to terrorise the family. What I’m wondering, however is… now that Eugene has passed, does his spirit also reside in the doll? You can read more about the doll over at ‘All That’s Interesting‘, and you can pay him a visit yourself over at the East Martello Museum.

Mandy the Haunted Doll

This is another doll that is inspired by a movie, by the very title above! The story of Mandy, however, is a very sad one. When the current museum home that contains Mandy received her in 1991, she was over 90 years old at the time.

Personally, I honestly can’t give myself to type the story because it’s too heartbreaking. If you head on over to The Paranormal Guide you’ll be able to read about the poor little girl that resides in the doll. Mandy does now reside in a museum; however, I personally believe that she deserves to be with a loving family so if you want to visit her, google her 💕

Harold The Doll

Harold was rumoured to be the first haunted doll to be auctioned on eBay. Today, there are many haunted dolls listed on the site, I’ve personally been very interested to read them lately, but worry not, my purse has stayed well clear.

The tale tells of a man who’s deceased son owned the doll. After experiencing crying and laughing sounds from his son’s former bedroom, the man locked the doll away in the garden shed. Years later he took Harold to a flee market where he auctioned the doll off to the soon-to-be eBay seller who experienced very similar and worse luck. I believe the buyer on eBay was Anthony Quinata who has documented Harold’s journey on YouTube ever since.

Little Joliet

I make it sound nice, but this doll is actually possessed by a very dark and dangerous entity. This doll is said to have been passed down to expecting mothers who turn out to have one girl and one boy. The doll is said to claim the son shortly after the birth. The legend of this doll has had the same story said upon generations. The rumour has it that the souls will remain in the doll until Judgement Day.


I totally forgot about Peggy (sorry, Peggy), I first heard about her on Britty 44‘s Channel. Internet users claim that they have felt unwell after seeing Peggy on their computer screen. Personally, I can’t say I’ve seen that – hey, maybe she likes me!

Have you got a haunted doll story? Let me know in the comments!

So, here we have the top most famous haunted doll cases of all time. Don’t forget to leave any of your stories down below. Until next time…

Stay Spooky x

Featured Image: Image by Tracy Lundgren from Pixabay

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