According to the ‘powers at be’, in our case, the UK Government, Halloween 2020 is cancelled. Any sweets we buy that would all be for kids, you’ll be pleased to know that you can keep them all to yourself. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate in our own way!

Emma posing as a scarecrow in a red lit bathroom during a Halloween Party in 2019

Here are some ways in which you can organise your Halloween this 2020.

Decorate the House

I know, it might be a bit extreme if nobody is coming over. However, this is something I’ve always wanted to do, so I thought I’d include it!

I’m going to talk about my friend’s house last year, for example… sorry, Kirsty – it just looked so good! Kirsty had a 9 month old baby at the time of the party, so she put a possessed (not literally) teddy in her son’s cot with strobing lights in the room. In the bathroom she replaced the bulb with a red one, wrote ‘Redrum’ on the mirror with lipstick, and put fake body parts in the bath. These were just a few things but it really made me proper jealous of her house!

Do Halloween Makeup/Dress Up

If you know me at all, you’ll know I love all kinds of makeup. Halloween is a great opportunity for everyone to play with makeup, whether you’re into it, or not!

Emma with a 'trick or treat' makeup look for Halloween. Half of her face is painted as a pumpkin and the other half is dressed in Haribo's and Glitter.
Here’s my halloween look from last year. Well, I didn’t go out like this but I loved experimenting… perfect example, right?!

I know what you might be thinking; “Why should I dress up when nobody can see me?”. In my opinion, theres nothing more fun than experimenting with something a bit different, and this is the perfect opportunity. Unless, of course, you do this for a living, then that’s a different story.

Pamper Yo’self!

We all love a good pamper night, don’t we? There are plenty of skincare and bath care companies who embrace the Halloween season. Here are some companies that you can buy from for your Halloween pamper sesh!

  • Hex Bomb – for witchy themed bath bombs 365 days a year
  • Face Masks – no, I don’t mean the new style. Personally, it bugs me that they use the same names and that the old-style face mask is gonna be confused forever more!
  • Incense – Yes, you read right, I skipped the candle opportunity. Wanna know why? Of course you do. It’s because incense is witchier – there, I said it, in the spirit of Halloween. Now, let’s move on.

Have a Spooky Tipple on me!

This is where Pinterest comes in handy. Just take a look at this board I’ve created filled with some delicious looking brews – and I don’t mean the hot type. Oh, whilst you’re over there, don’t forget to help a gal out and giz’ a cheeky follow 😘

Watch a Horror Movie

Whether you like them or not, Halloween is the best time to watch a spooky movie. I recently subscribed to Shudder – this is just filled to the brim with horror movies, and I absolutely love it. I’m currently watching a Spanish film called ’32 Malasana Street’. No, I don’t speak Spanish, but it’s pretty good!

If you don’t fancy splurging out on £4.99 a month or treating yourself to a free trial, I recently featured 50 movies to watch on Halloween.

Host a Halloween Quiz over Zoom

Gather your pals or your fam (or both) over zoom, or your preferred video chatting platform, and set up a Halloween Quiz! They may not be able to be there in person, but they’re sure to be there in spirit, whether they’re dead or alive… what?! It’s the perfect time to be morbid! Oh, and don’t forget to set up prizes for best dressed AND whoever won, of course.

Leave your Halloween Suggestions below!

There we have it, ghouls! Have you got any ideas on how other readers can make their Halloween spooky? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Stay spooky x

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