This July Haul was rewritten in May 2023, it was first published in 2015. Since the original post had just one sentence and a video, I’ve decided to give it a bit more detail for any future visitors.

Let me first start this post by saying how much I MISS this pink blazer from Wallis. Unfortunately, I left it in a nightclub during a hen party in 2016 and I never saw it again. I have since bought a white one, but it just isn’t the same.

pink blazer wallis july haul
Please excuse the screen grabs!

Striped Glitter Halter Top

I enjoyed this glitter halter top from Topshop for quite a while. However, I couldn’t get on with how itchy it was. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before it made its way to the charity shop.

Grey Lace Crop Top

This top is still a strong staple piece in my wardrobe. I always feel so good when I’m wearing this and it nearly made its way into my suitcase for Australia! It was definitely my favourite piece from July 2015, that’s for sure.

july haul

White Jeans

These white ripped jeans are another thing that I still have in my wardrobe, though I rarely wear them. I’m just too conscious about my undies showing! I miss the early 00s when we used to walk around with a long top, jeans/jeggings and a waist belt. I could’ve got away with them then! They look really good when I have tanned knees though.

july haul

Grey Knit Vest Top

I used to enjoy wearing this top, and I’m not quite sure what happened to it. The only downfall was that the material was quite thin, but it wasn’t see-through.

july haul

White Long Vest Tee

This was another top that I used to enjoy wearing. However, I believe this was quite see-through so it didn’t stay in my possession for very long. I was a bit disappointed about that because I like Dreamcatchers!

Do you want to see what else I bought in July?
Watch the video below!

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