The Bean Boozled Challenge was a viral trend that was probably inspired by Harry Potter. In 2015 I sat down with my boyfriend at the time to take on this trend. However, I soon came to realise that it was not worth the money and regretted every second.

jelly bean

What is Bean Boozled?

This jelly bean trend was created by Jellly Belly who combined 2 identical-looking beans with very contrasting flavours over the course of 20 beans.

You could get…

Stinky SocksTutti Frutti
Rotten EggButtered Popcorn
BoogerJuicy Pear
Baby WipesCoconut
Lawn ClippingsLime
ToothpasteBerry Blue
Canned Dog FoodChocolate Pudding
Mouldy CheeseCaramel Corn
Skunk SprayLiquorice

I have since come to learn that the flavours may differ depending on location. These were based on a UK purchase. Although we don’t really taste skunk spray in these parts (more America), only in jelly beans.

Have you tried this challenge? Let me know your thoughts below!

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