Okay, so today’s blogmas was going to be totally different, but as you know, I love getting my nails done. So I thought you could help me get some ideas for my appointment on the 15th! I’m feeling a green/grey look but I’m not too sure, so I’ve popped a few ideas in here, let me know what you think!

Image Source: RenyStyles

I absolutely love these ones! I love the little contrast between the designs and the featured tartan style – this is definitely an idea I’ll be bringing to Lisa!

You know I just can’t resist a good burgundy. These would look great with my hair – I know they’re not green or grey but I have loads of burgundy Christmas clothes to go with!

tomi nova nails- nails christmas festive blogmas a river of roses
Image Source: Tominova Nails

Need I say more… really? These nails are just the perfect shade of deep turquoise with some beautiful little pearls on the middle and ring finger – a definite contender!

thebasecoat - nails - blogmas - a river of roses nails
Image Source: The Base Coat

I just love the little reindeer on this one, and this red is a perfect classic warm & cosy Christmas shade – love it!


Ok, so have you seen how beautiful these are? Again with the GORGEOUS colour! Also, a little side note, I’ve had to give this girl a follow because her feed is beaut!

So, when this goes live I am actually rushing my arse off to get ready for iceland and I have JUST remembered I have this to post! So, I’ll have to leave it there and crack on….(and a few days later, I’m sorry this is late!)

Let me know what you think of these looks, and check out the rest of my board here, and yesterday’s Blogmas here where I talk about my favourite Christmas songs!

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