I feel like I should make some sort of disclaimer before I let loose on Blogmas Day 7. If you asked me last year I’d probably say #5 was the only one on my list. I originally decided that these wouldn’t be in any order, but I’ve got a favourite that deserves the #1 spot, so here we are. Without further a-do, I give you a countdown to my top 10 favourite Christmas songs for 2018!

10. Underneath the Tree by Kelly Clarkson

After hearing this for the first time today, I have to say that I’m shocked – I thought it was brand new! Kelly, girl, you need to work on your marketing, sorry! – Great song though!Driving Home for Christmas

9. Driving Home for Christmas

A few weeks ago called the release of my favourite local radio stations christmas channel, Pulse Christmas. Of course, I had it playing on the way home and whilst I was flying through Queensbury (I was going to change that but it sounds Santa-y so I’m leaving it), this came on! I felt like I was driving home to my husband and kids, but they don’t exist yet, so it can keep itself there till it happens.

8. My Favourite Things

“EMMA! This isn’t a Christmas song, get it off” I hear you! According to Spotify it is so it can stay here.

7. Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Fun fact of the day: Whilst I’m typing this, this very song has just come on the radio, if that’s not fate – I don’t know what is! The version in particular is Brett Eldredge (whoever he is), featuring Meghan Trainer. I have to say I’m blown away by Meghan, she’s come a long way since her big booty superbass song – yeah, I’m not right clued up, am I?

6. Santa Baby

Of course, this Etta James classic is and always will be on the top 10!

5. All I want for Christmas

This baby has been on my playlist since I knew what music was. I used to be obsessed with this song when I was younger. As in, I point blank REFUSED to listen to any other song and I demanded this one on repeat!

4. What Christmas Means to Me

Up beat classic with the festive feels running through every chord – love it!

3. Christmas Lights

Is this a new one? (currently running off to Google……..) No Emma, no it isn’t, it came out in 2015. You see Coldplay?! Need I say more – you need to crank up on your marketing boys!

2. Santa’s comin’ For Us

What a TUNE! I love this one so much, it’s gonna get played copious amounts on Christmas day, just saying.

1. Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande

I just love Ariana Grande and I was so excited to hear this song and… OH MY LORD IT CAME OUT IN 2013?! These musicians, man… Anyway, love it, cracking song and it’s got a rightful first place on the list!

So that’s it, those are all my favourites this year, please do let me know yours down below! If you are looking to watch a Netflix Christmas flick tonight, click here, there might be something that tickles your fancy. Alternatively, if you’re more of the vlogmas type – you can watch my vlogmas from last year here, or 2016’s here!

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