Welcome to Blogmas Day 4’s Gift Guide for Her! I’m going to Iceland today, so head on over to my Instagram – I’ll be there when this is live and I’m gonna try Instastory it all!

Today’s Blogmas is a lot easier, obviously – it’s all the classic stuff me and the girls get each other, with a bit more added in!


I had a phase where I was obsessed with candles until I accidentally set the fire alarm off and scared the dog. The thing is, the candle wasn’t even getting dangerous or anything, so now I’m collecting them for when I move out. Anyway, that doesn’t stop me from buying them for the girls, I think candles are a great gift for her!

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This is one I can vouch for. As a makeup addict, I know that all girls who are into makeup, are likely to get very excited by makeup. In fact, Beauty Bay has this whole section on shopping for her – a boyfriend’s beauty guide on their website!


I have one word for you – Primark! That is, of course, if you have the patience… I don’t have a lot, but my friends do, and they always get me some really cosy PJs for Christmas. I keep thinking to myself – ‘I’m gonna get some of them next year’, and then I walk into Primark and change my mind, like I did this weekend.


My personal favourite point of call when it comes to Jewellery is actually Etsy. They have some fantastic independent retailers with some really unique pieces on there, and it is always the first place I turn to when I start my Christmas shopping. Another great one is Pandora for if you want to up your budget a little bit.

A Weekend Away

This isn’t actually meant to be on this really, well it is but what inspired it isn’t. A couple of weeks ago, Aaron suggested that we spend a little weekend away in Manchester, just to go to the Christmas markets and spend some nice time together. I then thought of this blog post and thought this was quite fitting.

It is around £12.00 to get the train to Manchester, and £20 for our hotel room. We’re only staying in a budget hotel because we’re mainly going to explore, but there are some great deals on Group-on, and it is on a weekend when we aren’t working too, so there’s an idea for you!

A Print

Since finding the company Cowazinga at the Ripley Castle Christmas Market last year, I have completely fallen in love with prints. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they caught my eye before but when I had the opportunity to buy something really beautiful right in front of me, I couldn’t resist! So, I bought this Hogwarts number… as a Christmas present to myself!

ariverofroses - a river of roses emma henry cowazinga christmas blogmas gift guide for her

This year I’ve bought something Disney related from Cowazinga themselves, but I won’t go much further if she reads this!

Wild Dining Plates

If you haven’t seen these bad boys, you’re missing out! It was a good few years ago I discovered Wild Dining, I believe it was on iwantoneofthose.com and I had to buy it for my mum! Since then, she kind of expects them, because I get her one every year! However, like my previous post and mention of pop vinyls – I’m not sure which ones she has. Lucky enough for me, I still live at home so I can just pop downstairs and have a gander in the cupboard!

I hope you enjoyed today’s Blogmas. Don’t forget to let me know if you feel like I’ve missed anything out! On the other hand, if you want to spring into some history, feel free to check out last year’s Vlogmas episode here, and 2016’s here!

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