Let’s have a life update. So, today was supposed to be the release of my massive blog post. You’ll get to read it soon but it’s about my trip to Turkey. All about my trip to Turkey, and everything (or lack of) that I got up to… yet somehow I managed to write a book on it, but then again it is me.

Today for me is a solace… I think. 

I’m saying that but I don’t really know what it means. To me, today feels like I’m opening a new chapter of my life, I’ve no idea why, it was just a normal day, but today feels different. So I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

I’ve been feeling like life is a bit up in the air for a while now. I guess its to do with starting my career path, and changing my life, moving forward, and all that jazz. I’ve found a new love for YouTube again. I’m sure, if you have been watching my videos, you’ll have noticed that I have been slacking, there’s no doubt about that. But this week I feel very refreshed with my content. I’ve just uploaded a video that I am completely happy and buzzing about, and I’ve not had that for a while. You can watch it here if you like…

life - emma henry - ariverofroses a river of roses

I know this is probably nothing to go by, but I recently met quite an interesting person, and without knowing it, they have pushed me to move forward with my life and this is quite honestly the most excited I’ve felt about everything. I feel like I’m constantly on an adventure. My diary is packed with stuff till like November, and then we have Christmas, which I could be going to Jamaica for, which is so exciting; either that or I tick another travel bucket list off… Budapest. Although, I do really want to go to Budapest, I’ve never really pictured myself exploring the city at Christmas, but then I guess I wouldn’t really say that to Jamaica either!

Recently I’ve learnt to say yes to everything in life again. 

This is something I did when I was single. I’m by no means putting a negative spin on my relationship, more so myself really. Me and my partner had a little bit of a hiccup recently, and we had a good talk and now things are completely rocketing to Everest… Except, England is in a very very… very hot summer, so we’re not up Everest! 


This post is all over the place. What I’m trying to say is… 

If you’re reading this, say yes more. I introduced yes back into my life, I opened my doors again, and life is bloody good. 

Let’s carry on the positive train! Tell me something great that’s happened in your life lately in the comments below!              

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