A few days ago I had a little organisation day of all my face masks that I’ve collected for the past few months, when I stumbled across the Glov Moon Pads. It then dawned on me that this was something I’d probably be quite interested to try – but there was one problem; I don’t really wear that much makeup these days.

glov review a river of roses
The Moon Pad!

I set myself a challenge. Not only will makeup make me feel a little bit better, but it will also give me an excuse to get this old blog back up and running – and here we are! So, without further ado, here’s a little review of Glov’s Moon Pads!

Who Are ‘Glov’?

Established somewhere in Poland, back in 2012, Glov aims to create women’s beauty products with an aim to be kind to the economy. They use microfibres made from microtechnology, and you can read more about it here. I was lucky enough to try one out thanks to good old Birchbox. Granted, I did get the pad about 4 months ago, but you know what I’m like!

Glov Moon Pads – What are they?!

It is simply a pad, the Moon Pads are promised to take off your makeup with a simple circular motion, and they can be reused after taking a trip to the washing machine.

First Impressions

When I first took the product out of the package, I have to say that I was instantly impressed! So, off I went to put it to the test. The packet says to just add water, or your favourite cleanser. I started off with just water. Granted, it did work at taking off my makeup, but then it wouldn’t come off the sponge itself to go for round 2; and that’s where the cleanser came in!

glov review a river of roses

I did notice that I used a considerable amount of cleanser just to clean the pad. However, it definitely did it’s job. I never thought I’d be able to get my makeup off with just water!

glov review a river of roses
Voila, all gone!

Would I buy again?

Yes! I think for less than £10 from many places such as Look Fantastic, you can’t go wrong really! My only wish is that it wouldn’t be double layered, and that it was a little bit bigger!

Have you tried Glov’s Moon Pad before? Let me know your thoughts down below, and thanks for reading!

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