Friday Special: Body Shop Advent Calendars

It was just this week that I received an email from The Body Shop saying that their actual *Christmas* advent calendars… yes, Christmas, was available to buy now!

Unsurprisingly, I was simply taken by surprise. I’ve never been one to buy The Body Shop Advent Calendars, because I personally don’t fancy stockpiling a load of shower gels, but I’ll be happy to go and buy their products as and when!

You can check out the calendars here; the prices range from £50 to £130.

Suicide Squad: 2 – Trailer

Ok, time to pause my jam for Panic at the Disco and finally react to this!

Well, that was a pain in the arse, I just accidentally started watching the game trailer, which looked pretty good! But this film looks good, I can’t wait for the proper trailer, it’s hard to get pumped for the interview-type ones.

Enola Holmes Trailer

Ok, this one came up suggested and I just remember watching it a couple of days ago on Facebook. Oh, my, god, it looks SO good! Millie Bobby Brown is a bloody good actress, it’ll be the first thing I’ve seen her in since Stranger Things (my favourite).

Basically, she’s playing Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister who sort of plays the runt of the litter in a way, but because of the times, she has to sort herself out to be taken seriously. The good news is it’s gonna be on UK’s Netflix from the 8th of September!

Our New Office!

Ok, so this is a work in progress, and it’s far from finished, but this is the current office! I just need to set myself up with a screen and keyboard and I’ll be all set!

Friday Fave: The Sims 4: Star Wars?!

Even as a non-Star-Wars fan, I’m excited about this and you better know I’ll be buying this! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the trailer this morning.

Since we’re on the topic, I’ve got a new Sims video coming this week! Stay tuned and check out my channel by clicking the picture below!

friday the sims scene

If you’ve got this far, don’t forget to let me know what your favourite find is below!

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