I turn the ripe old age of 30 in exactly a week’s time. In the spirit of this, I thought I would share some of the countries I have visited in those 30 years, and some that I’d love to go to, but probably won’t in my 7 remaining days.

By the way, I didn’t mean 30 is old, I just meant it as a term of endearment. I certainly don’t hope 30 is old anyway!

1 – Florida

There are so many places to visit in America! I’ve technically only been to three, though. My first adventure led me to Florida where I did what everyone does and spent most of my time at Disney and Universal. I recommend this one for any age, but it’s possibly more magical for children, so that covers the below 30 categories!

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2 – Las Vegas

My second trip was a girl’s trip. Regardless of the country, I highly suggest going on a girl’s trip! In February 2019 we hopped on a plane to Philadelphia Airport (one of my favourites), and then to Las Vegas. We didn’t do much betting, but we did indulge in a bit of shopping, and plenty of sightseeing. Overall, it is a fantastic place with a great atmosphere and I highly recommend putting it on your bucket list!

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3 – Reykjavik, Iceland

Another destination to visit before you turn 30 is Iceland. When I visited, I stayed on the outskirts of Reykjavik and I was blown away when I saw the city for the first time! I’d only seen pictures of the country as a whole but Reykjavik is so clean and it has a quirky style!

There are lots of sightseeing opportunities in Iceland; such as waterfalls, black beaches, caves, and of course the northern lights.

*Reykjavik is featured in the main picture of this blog post!

4 – Dublin, Ireland

The beautiful city of Dublin is very rich in history which dates as far back as the Viking times. Many youngsters flock to Dublin to taste authentic Guinness. Along the River Liffey, you will find The Temple Bar which is known as the most popular pub in Dublin, hosting a mere 3.5 million people a year.

5 – Bali, Indonesia

This iconic gap year spot is very popular. It is a perfect place for young people to find themselves here. The beautiful crystal beaches and mountains make this place heaven on earth.

6 – Venice, Italy

I visited Venice a few times during my childhood. After somewhat overcoming my fear of the pigeons in St. Marks Square I soon came to the realisation of just how unique this place is. Venice is a bustling town with plenty of things to do. The best time of year to visit and avoid your fellow tourists is in November.

7 – Scotland

Last year I took a trip to Scotland to do the famous North Coast 500. This iconic route first became popular in 2015 by the Scottish Tourism Board. Evidently, it was a fantastic idea that still keeps growing in popularity year by year! I honestly highly recommend this one. I didn’t like Scotland as a child, but this trip made it one of my favourite places in the world.

8 – Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is another place that I visited last year. Unfortunately, we were staying over an hour away from here in Arenys De Mar so we weren’t able to spend all of our time here. This impressionable city has some stunning architecture and I personally recommend visiting Montjuic Cemetery.

9 – Santorini, Greece

This place is the Instagrammer’s dream. It isn’t one that I’ve made a reality yet but I hope to visit here before I hit 30.

10 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

I’ve been to Amsterdam a handful of times. The first time I was around the age of 6/7 and my mum joined her friend and her daughter. In hindsight, I’m not sure it’s the best place she could’ve picked back then. However, Amsterdam is just beautiful and it is also very peaceful. The rivers flowing through the city almost make it twin with Venice!

11 – Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is another city that I would love to return to. Unfortunately, when I visited, there were a lot of road works going on causing us to do a lot of detours to get to the places we wanted to visit. This meant that the iconic trams weren’t running.

12 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has been on my bucket list for a very long time. In fact, I don’t really know why I haven’t visited it yet!

13 – Marrakech, Morocco

This is going to make me sound very silly. However, after visiting a Moroccan restaurant in Disney World, Florida, I knew I had to put Morocco on my list. The food tasted so good, I could only imagine how good the authentic cuisine would be! Since then, I have viewed many pictures of Marrakech, and this place looks absolutely breathtaking.

14 – Cognac Region, France

This might annoy people. However, after many bad experiences we decided to give France another go again. So, we arranged a huge family holiday to the Cognac region in 2014. We hired a big chateaux and watched Tour De France cycle past our front door. It was beautiful and each local person that we met was helpful and friendly.

I believe this photo of me was taken in Pompeii, which is just a 50 minute drive, and one train journey from Sorrento!

15 – Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento was a recurring holiday for me and my family during my late teens. I met many friends here and although the last time I went was in 2009, I still remember very clearly just how beautiful this lemon-infused town was.

16 – Cancun, Mexico

I was once invited to spend a week in Cancun but unfortunately, my boss at the time wouldn’t let me have the time off. I was absolutely devastated. I don’t have the courage to go back on my own but I hope to find an appropriate travel partner one day.

17 – Tokyo, Japan

The virtual reality, real town of Tokyo sounds so mesmerising! This is one places that I have always wanted to visit.

18 – Australia

Of course, I couldn’t leave Australia off this list! I can’t tell you how many times on this trip I’ve said “I wish I did this when I was younger!”. Simply because I didn’t actually realise how incredible this country was! Contrary to what I was told, it isn’t too expensive and people are really friendly here.

19 – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Ever since Brazil held the world cup back in 2014, this beautiful city has always struck a chord with me. I still haven’t been, but year after year I find more reasons why I want to go.

20 – Rome, Italy

I have been to many places in Italy, but I don’t believe Rome is one of them! In recent years I have developed a passion for history. So, The Colluseum is now high up on my bucket list.

21 – Budapest, Hungary

As you know, I’m currently travelling around Australia with my partner, Liam. When I first spoke to Liam he was actually in Budapest, and I was SO jealous!

22 – Auckland, New Zealand

Before arriving in Australia we agreed that New Zealand would be our next destination, and although nothing is booked yet, it’s hopefully still on the cards… just depends on how valuable our wallets are when our visa ends!

23 – Cluj, Romania

A few years ago, I met a lovely Romanian couple called Nick and Luiza. At the time, I was preparing for a photo shoot with the pair and Luiza was doing my makeup. I was discussing my dream of visiting Transylvania, and Luiza told me that she recommended an alternate visit to Cluj would be a better experience. She also told me about a Romanian influencer called Alina Ceusan who I still follow today.

24 – Ibiza, Spain

If you’re into the party culture, Ibiza is definitely the place for you… need I say more?

25 – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Although this isn’t a place I have visited, Dubrovnik looks like such a pretty town! I’ve always wanted to visit but that desire grew even more when I watched Game of Thrones.

26 – Malta

I visited Malta in 2014 and was taken aback by just how stunning it was. I flew blindly; didn’t really look at any pictures. I was inclined to go here because my birth heritage is from Malta and I was simply curious. I recommend visiting Camino also if you’re interested.

27 – Revelstoke, Canada

Canada has always been a dream destination of mine, but I’ve never found anybody to go with and I don’t have the confidence to travel that far on my own. Skiing in Canada is also something that tons of people do.

Fun fact: My school once arranged a trip to go skiing in Canada, but the teacher who arranged the trip prioritised her students over the rest of the year! That’s lovely isn’t it?!

28 – Cornwall, UK

You might be surprised to know this, but in my 28 and a half years living in the UK, I’ve never been to Cornwall. My parents never desired to explore the UK which breaks my heart because it is so beautiful! Cornwall looks stunning.

29 – Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville looks like such a fun youthful town. I would absolutely love to go here before it’s too late to get a successful boogie on the dancefloor.

30 – Los Angeles, California

I visited LA when I visited Vegas and this is another place that I thoroughly recommend. It’s a bit of an obscure place though. I don’t think my mum would like it – there’s a lot going on, rollerskating, street sellers, and unfortunately a lot of homeless. However, it is exciting and I felt like my visit didn’t do it justice… I want to go again!

That’s a wrap! This was my list of 30 places to visit before turning 30. What would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

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