So Slam Dunk has been and gone, yet again, and boy was this year intense! I got a little bit out of control and I can remember every second of it so I’ve basically come on here to tell you all about it!

I’m not sure how many times I’ve been to Slam Dunk. I think it’s 3 consecutively; I missed 2014 because I was on holiday, and prior to that I know I went in 2008, and 2009. The rest my friends is a complete blur!

So, this year; where do I begin?! 

I guess I’ll start with the outfit and makeup. I wanted to make it a little bit fun with the makeup this year, so I added some gems to the look & I curled my hair with my Christmas present. Then I remembered the burgundy rose flower crown that would go with my burgundy eyeshadow and my burgundy lipstick; sorted! 

  • Eyes – Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition Eyeshadow Palette
    Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette
  • Brows – NYX brow pomade in black
  • Lashes… Eyelure x Kimberley Walsh
  • Eyeliner – Rimmel Kohl Eyeliner in black – for the waterline!
  • Lips… NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick – Pure Society
  • Concealer – NYX again; hate it… absolutely hate it!
  • Foundation – Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation in 1.5
  • Contour – Barry M Cheeks & Chisel Contour Kit – Darkest Shade
  • Bronzer – Benefit Hula Bronzer

So; that was the makeup all done and dusted… onto the outfit!

slam dunk

So I just went for some black skinny jeans and this playsuit. I got this from T K Maxx a while ago; not sure who it’s from! The flower crown was from New Look many years ago also.

The necklace is from ClassyWomensCo if you decide to buy anything, don’t forget to use the code Roses20, for 20% off!

Photo by Rocco Dipoppa on Unsplash

Following a cheeky Nandos, we made it to Slam Dunk.

The first point of call was alcohol; my order being Tuborg, which was my order for pretty much the whole day, aside from the Strong Bow Berry Cider, or whatever flavour it was. Let’s face it though, by the end of the night you could’ve replaced it with white spirit and honestly, I probably wouldn’t have noticed. Yes, I really was that drunk! 

The time was around 12:45, we were sort of meandering around, waiting for Aaron’s favourite band, the Dangerous Summer. They eventually came on stage, I really did feel for them though. I think this was their comeback gig or something, and there was barely anyone there yet! 

Who did I see?

Okay, so I’ll be honest. Considering the amount of alcohol that was inside me, Michael Jackson, Elvis, and Paul Potts could’ve been on that stage and I probably wouldn’t have even noticed (at some points). So, with this being said, I can remember which bands were on, but I’ve no idea which order. So, I’m now going to open the app and write down which order we saw people!

1:25 – 1:55pmDangerous Summer
2:20 – 2:55The Audition
3:20 – 4:00pmSay Anything – All goes downhill from here)
4:05 – 4:45pmBroadside (couldn’t remember them)
5:55 – 6:40pmZebrahead
8:15 – 9:05pmGoldfinger – (can’t remember them)
9:30 – 10:40pmReel Big Fish (half)
9:30 – 10:30pmAs It Is (half)

You see that table right there? I had to get help. ‘Broadside’, in particular,, was one band I didn’t know, I’m not entirely sure they were the right one, but the time scale seems right, I guess! Also, I can’t remember if I saw Zebrahead or Goldfinger. Ooh dear… Well, upon further discussions, apparently I saw them both! However, Goldfinger was one band I wanted to see… but unfortunately, I didn’t actually remember it.

slam dunk

My Favourite

Well! You’ll be delighted to know that I had a favourite from the glorious day that graced me with a tremendous hangover. Considering that the only 4 bands I actually remember are The Dangerous Summer, Say Anything, Reel Big Fish (Briefly), and As It Is; I have to say that my favourite band was Say Anything. I did remember The Audition, but I didn’t pay attention, that’s why they weren’t included. But, evidently, it all went downhill after Say Anything, and I think I went to the toilet after them and broke the seal… sorry, not sorry.

Say Anything is a band that my boyfriend, Aaron always plays in the car. I think this was partially the reason they were my favourite performance of the day. I knew pretty much all their songs, to the point where I could potentially sing along, but I didn’t; thank god!

The End

Following the end of the As It Is set, we went to find the lads again. Afterwards, we went to the Afterparty, which I’m not going to lie; I hated it. Needless to say, I was very tired, very drunk, and I just wanted to keel over and pass out. The afterparty took place in the old Slam Dunk Venue; Leeds Uni. This is a place I knew and loved from back in 2008. I usually love going here and having flashbacks from meeting BbyCks clothing owner, Paul Griffiths, after there were rumours that he had just cheated on his girlfriend. Hey Paul, if you’re reading this, no shade man! I’m just having a cheeky throwback, leave me alone! 

Anyway, after all, I had a lovely time; the day I mean. I’d repeat the day over and over again if I could, just with a fraction less alcohol! I forgot to mention the part when a random girl started licking my arm and gave me a temporary tattoo. My response was to invite her to Marbella, Spain with me (never been in my life). She then proceeded to pour a pint over my arm! I caught it all on Snapchat. I’ll be posting that in my next vlog very soon; so stay tuned!

Did you go to Slam Dunk; North, South, or Midlands? Let me know your favourite flashback down below! 

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