Hi Guys!

So I’ve been wanting to start a blog for ages… My next post has given me a kick up the arse to do this but I thought I’d introduce myself first.

I’m Emma and I’m a 21 year old music student from Yorkshire. 2 Years ago I went through an awful break up and turned to my YouTube. I’d spent various times before this uploading content and getting dislikes so I’d delete them (even though it was a specific person who was just bullying me). 

Anyway, many months ago i decided to do YouTube a lot more. I’m not saying full time because i don’t get paid for it but it’s something that I would like to do and i absolutely love doing it, it’s not just the aspect of the website, I love editing videos and getting creative with the whole thing.

Last year I went to Spain with College to film a short movie. The part that killed me was that I was on the music course, not media, but I still enjoyed being on set. I do like making music though, don’t get me wrong! I’m just a bit muddled up with work at the minute to do anything about it.

I’m currently in a relationship with my gorgeous boyfriend Aaron. We’ve been together nearly a year now! I wouldn’t change a bit of it for anything (even though he hates YouTube, I’m sure I can live with that).

I also have a massive passion for travel. I’m gonna make a bucket list at some point on here, but right now, my main focus is getting my hair really long and flowy!

I personally think I’m getting more comfortable on camera, once I am completely… I’m gonna start over but I’m getting there!

A few more little facts about me before I go!

  • When I was at the tender age of 1 I was adopted and moved to Yorkshire from Nottingham, now I have the most broad accent you will ever come across!
  • I have a black Labrador called Molly who is my little baby and I love her.
  • I live for Sudoku and Jigsaws
  • I live for Netflix
  • I also live for Indian Curries.
Hope you enjoyed this!
        See you on the next post…

                      Emma xxxxx

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