I have to say that by no means did I ever plan to write a blog post about my recent dream. However, it has been playing on my mind a lot recently. I keep finding myself reflecting and analysing every element I can remember.

If you happen to be reading this in 2020 – hi! I’ve just found this so I thought I’d share it!

You probably won’t know this, but once upon a time, I actually had a full blog dedicated to my dreams. Back in the day of the life of a teenage Emma, I used to enjoy documenting each and every thought that passed my mind on a nightly basis. Well, I’m bigging myself up there; I used to write about 3 at most. I did however, used to record myself talking in my sleep; that bit I miss!

Back to Basics

So, lets get to the point. I brought you here today to read about a very odd dream I recently had. A dream in which, upon reflection, has quite a spooky outcome.

It started off with visions of myself driving a Bentley. It was quite a fancy black car, and I’m not sure how it came about, but I remember talking to my friends on Bluetooth, telling them that David Beckham had just let me drive his car.

I was going to spoil it for you then, but I’ve decided to drag it on a bit…

Picture this: A highway in LA, with two high banks sandwiching the road at either side. Honestly, I can see this very clearly in my mind, and if I was any sort of an exceptional artist, I’d be very happy to draw it for you. However, I am not, so only God knows what you’re thinking, but I can only hope its a little bit like my vision. Lining the centre of the 3-lane highway is a row of palm trees separating the road.

bentley car dream
Image by Neri Vill from Pixabay

It gets better

To the right we see a huge supermarket. It’s really busy, there are crowds in the street, but this is normal, the supermarket is really that popular! I don’t know, must be an LA thing. Anyway, there I am, still very giddy on Bluetooth to my friends, observing the beautiful sights that lay before me.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a very inconsiderate little rock appears; or a big one at that. Before I know it, the car has done a little flip, but it’s okay, I landed back on the wheels and I managed to drive myself to the supermarket; which is Sainsbury’s, by the way. I’m not sure which friends they were in my dream, but they came running to Beckham’s Bentley to see if I was okay. Turns out I’d hurt my wrist. I know… after all that I just came out with a bruise on my wrist, and not a scratch on the car!

So, there you have it! By far, probably the most interesting dream of 2018 so far!

Prior to my reflection analysis, I just want to add that this dream came before all my connections, let’s say. So, I find it a little bit of a psychic experience. But I mean, you can be the judge of that!

David Beckham then… Well, the dream materialised a night or two before the royal wedding. So, when all hell broke loose on Facebook after Harry and Meghan tied the knott; I knew instantly that this was part 1.

Along came Monday, I went to work as usual, and one of my work friends was complaining about his wrist that was really painful (and still is, might I add… I’ve told him to go to the doctors!). Check! – Another one!

Number three is a little bit of a numb one. It made me not want to post this, but the dream was so odd I was stuck… we’ll see how it goes! So, recently one of my friends was in a car accident. I hate tying psychic relations to events like this because I don’t want to think I’m seeing visions. But the trouble is; when I notice it, it latches on, and then everything ties together! What’s more; this part of the dream connects to today, when I’m writing this…

(Strangest part, actually)

Today my partner set off to work as usual. As he passed through a village in York, the car in front clipped a car, and proceeded to spin; flip; whatever you call it. I asked my boyfriend what happened and he said the guy was on his phone, and he just clipped a parked car and lost control.

This isn’t a ‘safety first’ campaign, but please be careful next time you’re driving!   With this, I’m going to leave you. Make sure to let me know what your latest crazy dream was in the comments down below!

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