So I just want to start this blog post off by saying that finding True Crime YouTubers is probably the easiest task that anyone could ask me to do! Why, do you ask? Simply because I live and breathe True Crime, and you’ll never find a day where I don’t watch at least one of these guys.

Here are my Top 10-Rated True Crime YouTubers of All Time… enjoy.

10 – Savannah Brymer

I’ve Listed Savannah at the number 10 spot because I don’t really know her that well. I’ve only just started watching her videos but I love that she isn’t strictly True Crime and she mixes her content up sometimes and doesn’t take herself too seriously!

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9 – Georgia Marie

Georgia is also another True Crime YouTuber who also dabbles in a few alternative things from time to time. She recently conducted a historic report on Florence Nightingale. Aside from this she also produces book reviews, with the occasional vlog too!

8 – Samantha Melanie

Australian content creator Samantha investigates mainly True Crime cases on her channel; whether they are solved, or unsolved. She also occasionally mixes things up a bit – for example, she’s done a video on the rumour of bones in a Disneyland ride.

7 – Joshua Miles

Joshua is kind of the only male YouTuber I’ve come across who talks about True Crime Cases! Correct me if I’m wrong. You’ll mainly find True Crime on his channel, but he very occasionally switches things up like Q&A’s.

6 – Bella Fiori

Chances are, you’re Probably already familiar with Bella. But, if you’re not, she’s a True Crime and Beauty Content Creator all the way from Australia! On her channel she dabbles between the two fairly constantly, but she’s very enjoyable to watch.

5 – The Final Report

Ok, so when I’m posting this, the channel won’t be live yet. However, this is mine and Ryan’s new up and coming project. We’ve already got some investigations underway and we can’t wait to report about them! We’d love it if you could subscribe 🖤

4 – Kendal Rae

I’ve been subscribed to Kendal for yearssss. I think I originally subscribed to her when she used to make storytime videos back in the day. Now she tends to stick towards True Crime, and she also has a secondary channel and podcast which she shares with her husband called ‘The Mile Higher Podcast‘.

3 – Christina Randall

I absolutely love Christina! She is a True Crime YouTuber who also mixes it up every now and again to tell the stories of when she was in prison herself. I’m unsure as to whether she’s told any stories of fellow inmates who could’ve possibly suited her True Crime regulations so-to-speak, but I’m keeping an eye out.

2 – Eleanor Neale

I’m just going to start this off by saying that I’m pretty sure Eleanor is from my end of town; just guessing by the accent. I don’t know about you, but I love hearing my accent on other people who are pretty big on the internet. Also, the fact that Eleanor makes great True Crime content is a winner!

1 – Bailey Sarian

Bailey is a Make-Up Artist come Crime Investigator, and she’s my favourite to watch on YouTube at the minute. Ok, so I was subscribed to Bailey honestly for about 2 years before I only recently started watching her for her Murder Mystery and Makeup Monday videos! Honestly not even sure if she makes them any other time but I just love them!

Who is your favourite True Crime Youtuber?

So, we’ve reached the end! Don’t forget to let me know your favourite in the comments; and until next time…

stay safe and stay spooky x

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