The Azure Window was located on the Island of Gozo, Malta, it was just a little bus ride away from our Hotel, and I don’t mean little as in short trip, I mean little money.

Buses in Malta are dirt cheap and collectively that has to be my favourite thing about the place. A day ticket was something like 1.50€. The bus journey took around an hour to get there, and I think the bus was every 2 hours or something, which wasn’t okay because the only thing to do was look at the views, visit the little chapel (which was shut) and visit the heavily priced pop up shops with general tat in.  

Unfortunately, this was pretty much the only way to get there. There was a very small car park but it was packed.

Game of Thrones

The views may seem very familiar to a lot of people. The Azure Window in Dwerja was apparently in a famous episode of Game of Thrones, and I’ve got to say, I’ve tried watching it, and it just isn’t for me! Game of Thrones was actually the reason we went in the first place. My boyfriend absolutely loves it and he really wanted to go, so that’s why we went!

The views start amazing you when you’re on the bus and you can see out of the window. Once you get there, it’s easy to get disappointed, but try not to! Just walk a bit closer to the edge and you’ll soon be amazed again!   

A little disappointment

Now, I say you’ll be disappointed because this is the view you see. Amongst the rocks and along them are little puddles of salt water that you avoid like lava because they’re riddled with bugs. I myself am stupid and decided to wear flip flops on that particular day because I sure wasn’t expecting this! There literally is so much climbing to do though, it’s ridiculous! 

Nevertheless, the Azure Window was one of the highlights of my trip. When you’ve finished exploring you could go get an ice cream. Listen to the man playing a cheesy accordion, sit and sunbathe whilst admiring the view until your bus arrives.  

The Azure Window isn’t the only place I’m gonna be mentioning about Malta. You’ll have to wait until another time for that one! I’ve also made a little vlog about my trip to Malta, you can check it out here!   Feel free to discuss your views on this natural beauty below!  

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