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Are you looking for some services to take your business to the next level? Emma can help!

Emma particularly enjoys working with independent businesses and up and coming bloggers to kick start their journey to success! Here are the services that she specialise in:

  • Video Editing
  • Guest Blogging Services
  • Pin Creating (Pinterest)
  • YouTube Thumbnails (link)
  • Product Reviews (link)
  • Service Reviews

If you would like to know more about one of these services along with examples, please scroll down or fill out the form below!

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Over the years, Emma has gained a lot of experience in various media sources. Here is a brief description of what you can expect when working with A River of Roses.

Video Editing

Since 2013 Emma has been contributing artistic content through YouTube. Throughout this time she has developed her skills in Video Editing. Emma is a perfectionist when it comes to editing – so you’ll be in safe hands!

Over the years she has worked with various editing software; such as, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Sony Vegas Pro. If you are looking for video development in Commercial, Cinematic, or a Vlog Style Edit, visit the contact page today!

Guest Blogging Services

For over 2 years, I have developed by Blogging style by holding the continuous role of Digital Marketing Manager at the biggest Motorcycle Trader in the UK. Prior to this, I continued blogging, and before that, I started off by creating independent blogs in college.

In my early teenage years I learnt advanced HTML through a website called Piczo. I have learnt a large amount of SEO through my current position.

Pin Creating (Pinterest)

Taking everything aside, I’m hugely passionate about creating pins! This has only come to light the past year. I actually never knew how popular Pinterest was for blogging! To give you a little insight; although I only have 143 followers – a number that has remained the same for months, a recent pin that I published reached 75 clicks!

Pinterest is IDEAL for new bloggers or businesses who would like to advance their sales.

YouTube Thumbnails

Alike Pinterest Pins, I love creating YouTube Thumbnails. For many of mine in the past, I’ve chosen a screenshot from my video and worked upon that. Take a look at my channel to see what I’ve previously created!

Product/Service Reviews

Are you looking to build up the reputation of your business? I enjoy making honest, straight-forward, and easy to read reviews for future customers. Sound good? You can reach me at… Let’s work together!