I’m currently sitting at my computer on my lunch at work, quite pissed off with myself, really. That’s because I’ve just had a fallout with my MacBook and deleted the recovered document. In it, I wrote half a post about my past Halloween… I didn’t get to the present yet, not that there’s much to it.

Here we go again! It seems like yesterday I was putting my liquid latex away, thinking to myself ‘I won’t need that till next year!‘. 2017 was the first time I’d experimented with liquid latex, and I was far too much of a wimp to actually use it for my proper costume. Over the years I think I’ve slowly improved with my makeup skills, not only for Halloween but for every day too!

Let’s take it back to 2016…

Wow, putting that in writing it seems like a lot longer! Sometime in September 2016, 23-year-old Emma was scouting Google and YouTube. Trying to find herself a nice experimental makeup look. For years I had gone as the devil, somehow coming home as a feline devil in the early hours of the morning… Probably about 6 am. In 2016 I wanted to do something different. I remember finding myself on YouTube constantly searching for looks, and then I came across this pop-art lookThis look is easy! – they promised. I believed them, I went for it, and what I came up with was something quite mediocre; it was okay!

The thing is with Pop Art, you’re covered if you’ve got basic drugstore makeup in your collection, all you need is white eyeliner and some colour! The dots and the lines are the most important. When you’ve done them, just splash a bit of colour on your face, throw on some lippy, and jobs a good ‘un!

There’s not much else to this look. If you like, you can see how I did it here!

Experimenting with SFX this Halloween!

Here comes the liquid latex bit! This is something I’ve always been inspired by. I never knew what exactly I was going to do with the stuff, I just popped on a video and cracked on with my face! Once I did the Chelsea Smile, I decided to do a bullet hole in my head.

The next time I get my hands on the stuff, I’m definitely going to have a go at smoothing out the sides! You can’t see it in this picture – I used the ‘smooth wrinkles’ tool! Oh, and my eyes aren’t that green either. I wish they were, especially now with my fresh and spankin’ new ginger hair, I’d be on a right roll, wouldn’t I?!

The Fortune Teller

This one… this one though. Oh boy, was I proud of this one! I literally saw about 20 pictures just as a quick ‘glimpse idea’ for this one, the rest was man-made and I was living for this one (say that in your best Jaclyn Hill voice). This one is another look that can easily be created with any drugstore/average makeup item. The only thing you’ll really need is a headband and some gems. I’d go for the … (you lost me for a bit there I got a bit stuck on ASOS like my brain stopped working… anyway, carry on!)

halloween ariverofroses a river of roses fortune teller makeup

Here she is! Sorry, I had a look on ASOS and apparently, they don’t exist anymore. So I had to look at my orders from last year. The gems in this picture are the Lottie London face gems. You can now get them from Feel Unique. I personally think ASOS are stupid for letting the entire line go. Although I complain a lot in the video that the gems fall apart, when they were on my head, they stayed for ages. Whereas I had some Amazon brand on my head for actual Halloween, and they fell off before I even got to the party – and so did my makeup. Yes… I had a strange shape carved out of my head for the rest of the night… I looked pretty odd, to say the least!

What am I doing for Halloween 2018?

Well, I know where I’m going, but that’s as far as I’ve got to be honest. Being a YouTuber you feel a lot more pressure too (now’s your cue to feel sorry for me)… You have to get a video up doing your makeup a while before Halloween! It’s already the 10th – I best hurry up!

In all honesty though, last year I was looking at those white skull designs, and today I was watching Jamie Genevieve’s latest skull tutorial video, so I’m thinking I’ll end up somewhere between those lines. But on the other hand, I loved Helen Anderson’s pirate outfit in her latest Halloween video… Unless I combine the two?! Please leave me suggestions too. It’s quite evident that I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’d love some help!

So, I’m going to take that as an opportunity to close this post. Let me know what you’re getting up to this Halloween (and don’t forget to leave me suggestions)!

Thanks for reading!

emma henry halloween a river of roses ariverofroses

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