If you didn’t know, I’m a paranormal enthusiast this started when I was younger with my Furby story. This story is completely true; whether it was a real ghost or not is entirely up to you to believe.

What is a Furby?

Do you know how nowadays kids have that creepy character called Poppy? In the 90s we had a slightly less intimidating one called a Furby.

The Furby is an American toy that was first released in 1998. The appearance officially resembles a hybrid between a hamster and an owl. Come to think of it, this is probably where my fear of birds originates.

It even originally had its own language once; not Elvish but Furbish! I seem to recall my particular one being one of the brand-new English-speaking ones. Either that, or I had to teach it English?

What happened to my Furby?

It all happened when I was a small child tucked away happily asleep at around 2 am. It’s worth noting that I was a loose canon as a child. So, when I had a nice 2 am wake-up call from my new furry friend, I wasn’t best pleased. I can’t remember what was said on his end, but I remember a lot of screaming from mine and a lot of confusion from my parents.

This thing traumatised me and the batteries were removed forever. In fact, I believe the thing was still talking after no batteries! That’s some Chucky kind of action if you ask me.


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