Earlier this week I received my order containing Jeffree Star & Colourpop items from Roses 24, recommended to me by the lovely Baked Beauty! First of all I have to say how spot on the delivery was! After placing my order I immediately received a message on Facebook telling me everything about my order, letting me know it had been shipped and where it was going… 3 days later… there it was! Along with a lovely little treat of some love hearts! 

Colourpop’s Dr. M

The first goodie I ordered was ‘Dr. M‘ by COLOURPOP cosmetics, this was a shade I had been eyeing up for ages, unfortunately on their old website it seemed to always be out of stock so when I first cast eyes on their new website, I didn’t hesitate one bit to add this to my basket! And of course I couldn’t stop there, that’s why this has turned into a haul! (bear in mind these pictures are screenshots from this weeks vlog).


Jeffree Star’s Queen Bee

Moving onto the Jeffree Star picks! The first colour I’m gonna show you is my least favourite… I mean, save the best ’til last and all that! This one was a bit of a jump in the deep end for me, well, fun fact about me, I always jump in the deep end with everything so nothing new there! This vibrant colour is in the shade Queen Bee, and I’ll be honest, I would absolutely love to love it but it just doesn’t suit me at all! Ideas with this one are greatly welcomed… Although, as I mention in the vlog, it would go very well if I was going as a duck for Halloween, which might be quite likely.   

jeffree star

Jeffree Star’s Jawbreaker

Last but not least is my absolute bae of all lipsticks! This one was in the shade ‘Jawbreaker‘ and oh my god, it’s stunning, the blue shade is my favourite and I can’t wait to wear it out and about! It’s just gorgeous!  

jeffree star

And that concludes this… eternities blog post?! No really though, I will try my best to keep up to it! I keep telling myself to post on here when I post a video, I really need to keep to my word! Soz for neglecting ya again!   If anyone has any shades they would like to recommend, please feel free to leave me a comment! And any ideas for the yellow? I’d love that too!


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