I’ve got 2 men in my life, my dad and my boyfriend, and every year I find myself asking, what can I buy him?! If you’re a person who’s been asking yourself exactly the same, don’t worry, I’ve got your back!

Both fellas in my life are a bit different from each other, so I tried to combine ‘geek’ and ‘sporty’ into one blog post… here we go!

A Pop Vinyl

I’m only putting this in here because Aaron is absolutely obsessed with them! The only trouble I have is that I don’t actually know which ones he doesn’t have, I always find myself taking a sneaky pic of his collection every year, just to help myself out a bit!

My boyfriend is big into Star Wars, any usual geeky programmes, including Jurassic Park too! – Although, I don’t think they’ve got many dinosaurs.


This one is another for Aaron. Im not sure whether his cats have been eating them, or he has, because he always seems to get holes in his socks! Oh, and they always seem to get worn out really easily. I’m clueless on that one. Socks always go down well with Aaron anyway. To help you out a bit, I’ve linked the socks I bought him last year.


I promise this isn’t all gonna be about my boyfriend. I bought Aaron this beautiful watch last year for Christmas and to be honest, he got some decent wear out of it! He does seem to be neglecting it a bit now though, might have to have a word!

festive mug a river of roses emma henry ariverofroses christmas mug him men gift guide


Wahey, we’re onto my dad! My dad is big into bicycles, so I found one in Debenhams with loads of bikes on and a pair of socks inside – there you go, I hit 2 birds with one stone!

A Beard Set

This one ain’t any of my men, this one is thanks to everyone at my work! You see, my boyfriend can’t grow a beard and my dad refuses to.

santa claus father christmas a river of roses ariverofroses christmas gift guide for him men

In all honesty, if I was a bloke, I’d definitely have a beard, and I’d embrace it like nobody else, i’d cover it in oil, bathe it, comb in 24/7 and cover it in glitter for Christmas – not even joking about the last bit!

Scratch Map

Here we have another little gem I bought Aaron last year! This is a great one for Boyfriends, especially if you love exploring the world. You can create little bucket lists for yourselves and it’s just a great fun way to decorate your walls too!

beer ariverofroses gift guide for men a river of roses emma henry him

Beer Mystery Box

I bought Aaron a Star Wars mystery box for his birthday last year. I was considering buying him a Beer Advent calendar this year, but I got him a Star Wars one instead… now I’ve just created this whole new idea for his January birthday. Let’s just say I hope he doesn’t read this!

I hope you enjoyed all the things I featured in this Blogmas post! If you’d like to read yesterday’s, to see what I’d like under my tree this year, click here. Alternatively, if you’re feeling nostalgic, you can watch last year’s Vlogmas here, and you can watch 2016’s here!

Let me know if you have any other ideas for ‘gifts for him’ below, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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