Okay, so I’ve literally scrapped by alternate post for this one today! Well, I haven’t scrapped it but it’s on hold for a bit – not like I have a schedule or anything (I will do soon, promise!). Today is Sunday the 28th of October 2018. This also marks the day of Emma attending her first-ever bloggers meet! – edit, I did write this on Sunday, but I’m posting it on Thursday… sorry!

Do you remember a couple of months ago I decided to completely switch up my blogging game and I started a small Bloggers group called the Yorkshire Bloggers Society on Facebook? Well, if you’re strictly on my blog, and my blog only – not any social media… I neglected to tell you, sorry.

Long story short…

I hit up a load of bloggers on Instagram and nagged them to join my group… 40 of them said yes! That brings us to today. A member of my little group is called Lucy (don’t worry I’ve linked everyone else below). Lucy had an idea to start planning a meet-up, which soon lead to a handful of us meeting in Horsforth, Leeds!

There’s not much to lead up to with this, to be honest, so I’ll just skip right to the day! I got up at 8, got ready for 10, and we didn’t meet until 1, so I was more than prepared. Emma ain’t right good at parking, she panics a bit. So, when I saw the place on Google Maps and I saw limited Street parking, it was a no-go, so I got good old Papa Henry to give ‘us a lift!

We pulled up outside The Woodlawn Coffee Co in Horsforth, Leeds

It was a little green building with a quirky atmosphere inside. I don’t normally go to cafes, I’m not as classy as that. I usually treat myself to a pint from spoons in an afternoon, or a Nando’s if I’m feeling fancy (that was yesterday) – so, it’s nice to have a change! When I saw a bike outside and a cyclist enjoying his afternoon brew, I felt like I was on holiday! – Just for the record, I usually treat myself to a cafe when I’m on holiday, and there’s sometimes a cyclist outside.

woodlawn leeds horsforth bloggers brunch a river of roses ariverofroses
Woodlawn Coffee’s All Day Breakfast includes: Homemade Baked Beans, Avocado, Bacon, Sausage, and Poached Egg on a Sourdough Toast

Long story short (again) I had the loveliest time meeting these bloggers. It was the best decision I ever made to make this group. It might not be where everyone was sourced from – for lack of a better word, but it opened up a door for me, and it made me more enthusiastic about my blog. To put that in better terms… When have you seen me write a post literally as soon as I get through the door? Never!

Here are the ladies I met today:

bloggers meet leeds bradford yorkshire halifax wakefield emma henry ariverofroses a river of roses
Credit to the waitress for the picture!

Left to Right!:

Emma Copland – Heart Autumn

Emma blogs about all things Fashion! Go check out her Instagram where she posts all her different looks!

Luiza Calini – Cupcake Splendens

A Beauty, fashion & lifestyle blogger living in Leeds, originally from Transylvania! – Find her Instagram here, and don’t forget to check out her blog too!

Natasha – or Tattie!

On her Instagram, alike Emma, you’ll find Tattie modelling some lovely outfits, which she then goes on to discuss on her blog! Tattie’s speciality is Petite fashion! She also posts on YouTube too!


Victoria primarily posts on Instagram where she blogs about all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. If you know me, you’ll know I love tattoos, so I was very pleased to see that Victoria was covered in them, and she watches my favourite, Jamie Genevieve! I got a little bit excited when she told me that, had to contain myself. Once you’ve had a good old gander at her Instagram posts, don’t forget to check out her YouTube videos too!

Ruth Holondo

I think Ruth and Natasha know something the rest of us don’t! Ruth enjoys blogging about Poetry and general lifestyle things, you can read all her posts on her blog, Melanin Talks. She also enjoys sharing posts on Instagram too!

Then there’s me! – In case you didn’t know… Hi, I’m Emma, you can read about me here!

Rosie Cook – Busy Mum Lifestyle

I was surprised to learn when making my group that Rosie literally lives about 10 minutes away from me, which is crazy! We know all the same local places, so when she was talking about her village and what it’s famous for, I felt like I lived there too! – Granted, I do go there a lot… especially when I’m drunk! Rosie enjoys blogging about her home life with her teenage son, her gorgeous 2 pooches, and her Triathlon adventures! You can view her Instagram here, and her blog here.

Lucee – Life of Lucee!

Last but certainly not least is the lovely lady that organized it all! Lucy works in PR by day, so she was the star of the show, teaching us all the tricks of the trade! In her spare time, Lucy enjoys blogging about all things Fashion & Beauty related – you can view her Instagram here!

I’d just like to finish off by saying, first of all, thank you for reading, whether you attended the meeting or not! Also, thank you so much to Lucy for organizing the whole thing! I look forward to our next one! Finally, thank you, Rosie, once again for the lift home, I owe you one, thank you!

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