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My Disney (and beyond) Dining Guide

So, I originally started out this post in another blog post, but then I got a bit carried away so I decided to write a completely different post!

In my previous content, mainly from my YouTube channel, I’ve featured many of my favourite restaurants from my favourite places. Generally, these don’t really go down too well, so I feel like I need to put out a little disclaimer, that I don’t really plan where to go, I just go off the bat and try whatever appears on my doorstep. We did try and book into the Be Our Guest restaurant, but if you’ve been to Disney before, you’ll know how hard it is to get in there!

Anyway, with this being said, we all have different preferences when it comes to food; our pallets are all different, and so here are some overall restaurants across Orlando that I would highly recommend:

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🐭 50’s Prime Time Cafe – Hollywood Studios

1950’s Style Traditional American Diner, with strict table rules – dine with an atmosphere with the acting staff! – From what I recall, I had the fried chicken and ‘Mom’s brownie’ for desert, and it was lovely. However, you definitely come here for the experience; would recommend. 

🐭 Dockside Diner – Hollywood Studios

a pop-up place to eat! We stopped here just for a bite to eat one day and the Nachos were divine! (The waitress very kindly yet accidentally gave us 2 Nacho dishes when we asked for one, but charged us for one – don’t tell her though)! 

🐭RestaurantMarrakesh – Epcot

In the park filled with culture sits this beautiful restaurant in ‘Morocco’. We went here after viewing the fireworks during a thunderstorm (truly spectacular). I couldn’t resist having the Shish Kebabs! Living in the curry capital of the world; Bradford, they’re my favourite here, and it was lovely to taste them made the Moroccan way – would definitely recommend.

🐭 T-Rex Diner – Disney Springs

The food was very nice here, after looking at the menu, regretfully, none of those dishes look familiar, but I know I had a burger! So, it’s either some of my brain cells have fizzled away or they’ve changed their menu; who knows! Although I must say, as good as the food is; alike the Prime Time Cafe, you come here for the experience. Surrounding your table you have animated models of dinosaurs popping out of the walls eating their green lunch too, and don’t forget to view the ‘Meteor Shower’, from what I recall, this happens every 15 minutes and, well, I won’t spoil it, I’ll just leave it to you… A must for kids! 

ariverofroses - morimoto - disney springs - japanese food - restaurant

🐭 Morimoto Asia – Disney Springs

By far my #1 recommendation for the whole of my stay in Disney. The dinner we had here was absolutely exceptional – fine dining at it’s best! When I walked in, honestly felt like I’d stepped foot in a Michelin Star restaurant in the middle of London; the decor, service and atmosphere was just pristine, not to mention the food! I’m pretty sure I had the Beef Lo Mein Noodles and they were absolutely gorgeous. I’ll definitely be coming back to Disney one day, and this place is already on my list of places to visit!


Beyond! (non-Disney):

🎸 Hard Rock Cafe Orlando

Years ago when I was growing up, my mum made it a tradition to hit every Hard Rock Cafe possible when travelling. However, once I’d blossomed into my teenage years, it seemed it was no more. I’m not sure whether my fiery hormonal steaming ears scared her away and she didn’t want to take me anymore, or she just forgot; which seems to be more likely.

Anyway, after meeting my partner in 2014, I decided to set the tradition up again. I’m not sure when we first went to our first Hard Rock Cafe, I think it was in Amsterdam, 2016. But, my parents didn’t join in the encore until our 2017 trip to Orlando. Since my trip to Holland, I have been to a small handful of restaurants that the chain has to offer, but none of the meals have been quite so memorable as this one. Me, Aaron, and my dad all had the Atomic Burger (can’t resist a good Jalapeño).

Okay, I’m not sure how I’m really going to tell you how good the meal was, without just sharing our ‘story’; if you can call it that. So, the week we spent at Universal, we paid a visit to the Hard Rock Cafe 3 times. Each time, my mum was daring; she had something different. One meal of hers was the famous Cauliflower burger, which I refused to order even though she begged me several times because she SWORE it was so good; I’m a big meat eater, and I absolutely love spicy food, and jalapeños in particular, so there was no way I was leaving my new found love. Anyway, the 3 times we went, aside from my mum, the rest of us had the same meal over, and over again. Granted I changed up my cocktails; girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right?!


   🥘 Shogun Japanese Steakhouse

Situated in the Rosen Inn Universal hotel itself, is this exquisite dining experience. We ate here during one of our last nights, it was a spontaneous decision made just one day when we couldn’t decide what to eat. We didn’t really know what to expect, we’re not experts but we wouldn’t generally put Japanese and Steakhouse in the same sentence.
So, picture this: you’re sat at a massive frying pan table and the chef cooks the food for you, with his fancy chopping and dancing skills, right in front of your eyes! This was a fantastic experience and the food was delicious! 

   🇧🇷 Cafe Mineiro Brazilian Steakhouse

Yes! I finally get to talk about possibly my second favourite place on earth?! Aside from my favourite restaurant in Mallorca, but that’s a different story for a different day! Cafe Mineiro is situated on the famous i-Drive; International Drive for all you newbies. Apologies for any member of staff who reads this, but the front of the restaurant didn’t look very appealing. We approached it on our first night, because it was conveniently situated straight in front of our hotel; the Rosen Inn Universal.

This was another place we found ourselves eating at during our final week. You might know if you watched my vlogs, but we were unfortunate enough to encounter Hurricane Irma on our holiday; which was extended because mother-nature is a bit of an a-hole when it comes to things like that.

So, Cafe Mineiro is a bit like a buffet

I think they do various set dishes too, but we only had the buffet. So, it goes like this; you get your plates, get your salad and sauce, then you queue up at the serving hatch waiting for your delicious meats. You tell the server how you like your steaks, he’s got them all prepared, and oh my goodness they were absolutely divine. If you are a meat eater like me, I would 11/10 recommend this restaurant. It might not look too pleasing to the eye on arrival but if you don’t go, you’re seriously missing out! As I said during my Morimoto feature further up, I’ll definitely be going back to Orlando and this restaurant is one I’ll probably go more than just once to! I absolutely loved it!


So, these were my favourite dining places following my visit to America, feel free to leave some of your favourites in the comments section; I’m sure any future Orlando food-loving visitors will love to hear about them!

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