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The Hen Party – Vlog

As usual I’m late again, but this is probably the closest I’ve ever been to on time!

This past fortnight has been a killer for me thanks to this beast of a cold which left me with an ear infection and hearing loss in my left ear. I’ve not been able to hear for 6 days now and my god, I’m never taking my hearing for grated again! Every conversation I’ve had something has to be repeated, it’s a nightmare.

This weekend brought the hen weekend! My beautiful friend Stacey is getting married to one of my best friends Sam next month and I’m honestly not emotionally prepared for the wedding, I’m so excited for them, they are a beautiful couple and 2 fantastic friends. I wanted to repeat the hen party again and again and to be honest, I half don’t want the wedding to happen because I’ll want to repeat it again and again and again.

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