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Netflix Review: Glitch

I couldn’t resist not reviewing this, oh my god…
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Basically if you haven’t watched this, it’s based in Australia, that’s pretty awesome in itself. Us Brits don’t get many Aussie programs.

The story goes… Loads of people wake up from the dead, but they’re not zombies, they literally wake up from the dead, but their memories are a bit foggy and slowly they do get reminded of their lives and they start to remember stuff, but they’re all completely random people like some of them are like 200 year old, some died a couple of years ago, so it’s really interesting in that sense.

 However, they literally cannot live if they try to leave the town they were buried in; if they try they will die, or they nearly die… I DON’T WANNA SPOIL IT FOR YOU!

It’s so good though, not many series get me completely hooked, once you watch one you’ll wanna watch them all. I watched the whole show in 2 sittings. Apparently they’re coming out with a 2nd series and oh my god, I hope it goes all Game of Thrones or something because I would love to completely binge watch it because it’s brilliant and I don’t want it to end.
Overall rating I would give a 9.8/10, only because I want it to go on forever, honestly a personal favourite. I’m hooked!

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