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What I Did This Weekend! #4 **Video**

So it’s that time of the week again! I’ve just been thinking, first of all, I can’t believe I’ve been posting these a month! Where has time gone?! Secondly, I really love making these weekend vlogs! Daily vlogs are a bit too intense for me right now, and I never really do anything during the week other than work, but I’ve found me weekends to be so much more interesting with a camera in my hand! I’m definitely not putting the camera down any time soon. I love it and it makes me really appreciate my spare time and it makes me see it in a totally different light!

Anyway, on Saturday I ventured out into Leeds with my mum and her friends, we went for a few cocktails before going for some lovely tapas at the restaurant ‘Iberica’ situated on East Parade, I really recommend that place if you fancy going! I had just a little too many cocktails that night though, I felt a bit delicate Sunday morning but I soon came round!

Then on Sunday me and Aaron went to Saltaire to go pick his car up from his friends, we then saw that Saltaire Festival was on so we went to explore a little round there, and my god, it was manic, absolutely! Everyone was walking like walkers from the walking dead, you couldn’t move at all! To top that off the heat was quite intense, and lets just say I wasn’t wearing the best of clothing for that weather!

Any thanks for reading! Here’s this weekends video!


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