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10 Things to do in Northern Majorca

If you follow my YouTube channel, you’ll know I’ve been to Puerto Pollensa quite a lot. But that’s not the only place to I’ve been in Majorca. I’ve ventured across the island quite a lot throughout my life, I’ve actually lost count of the amount of times I’ve been to be honest. But with that in mind, I thought I’d share a few of the places I’ve explored.
1. Cap de Formentor

This has to be my all time favourite memory of all my trips. After a short ascend from the car park past the stunning views of the mountainous Serra de tramuntana, you will come to the spectacular views of the bright blue sea. The views look like a painting and in the distance you can see the condensation of the water mix with the sky causing a natural blur. I was absolutely mesmerised after visiting this and I will be sure to visit it in the future.

2. Pine Walk

Situated in my favourite little seaside town. Pine walk falls beautifully along the border of the town leading to a military base where you can’t really progress to. The walk is sandwiched between a selection of houses that are clearly well looked after by the owners, and lovely little beaches.

3. Puerto Pollensa Beach
The little town is also famous for it’s grand beach that goes on for miles. The only downfall of this beach is that it isn’t cheap to hire a sunbed and umbrella, but bear in mind that it is half price after 3pm. The beach runs along the whole border going from the previously mentioned military base through to Alcudia. The sand itself along with the sea is exceptionally clean and the citizens take great pride in this. The sea is great for all ages, it is very shallow for a long while and if you take a stroll into the sea, you will be joined by the little families of fishes.
4. Calvari Stairs
Situated in the old town of Pollensa, this ancient staircase is one to be challenged after a giant bowl of Weetabix (had to be said). If you’re feeling adventurous one day, you could defeat the 365 steps that, believe it or not, accompany houses packed with beautiful gardens, filled with conifers, Aloe Vera, and other gems. Situated at the top of the stairs is a beautiful and peaceful chapel where you are welcome to come in, admire, and pray. When leaving the chapel, you will be greeted by the staircase again, and a stunning view of the town. You can then walk around the grounds surrounding the chapel to get a better view.
5. Alcudia
The walled city. What once assumed was a castle. This exceptional city is held primarily in the grounds of the walls. In some areas it is granted that you may walk along the walls, admiring the views and taking in the history air of the town. Amongst the views is the active bull ring which you may visit. This place I found had a very haunted feel.
I don’t personally have any pictures of Alcudia, feel free to watch me vlog around it here.
6. Artà
I’m not sure if it is on purpose but this town is ideal for the artistic type. When visiting here we were welcomed by a lady playing the harp. Birds flock to pirch on the rims of the rooftops so I wouldn’t advise walking by the walls. Arta is filled with lots of different shops, varying from handmade garments, paintings, to organic hand produced sauces and balsamic vinegars.

You can also watch my vlog of Artà, and Ses Païsses (below) here.
7. Ses Païsses
Situated a short distance away from Artà lies the remains of Bronze Age tayaletic village of Ses Païsses. I myself am a keen lover of historic ruins so finding this to me was like a pirate finding gold. The settlement isn’t very popular due to it’s lack of advertising and such, but if you are in the area, I would definitely recommend going to find it.
8. Soller
Located deep in the valleys of north western Majorca is a beautiful town called Soller. This town has lots of shops, it is a great tourist destination not only for short visits but it would be a great place for someone looking for a nice shopping holiday. There are lots of places with food and drink in this town as well as a great selection of shops, however, it would be a good idea getting a car if you want to venture out of the town. When I visited the town there was a very large winding road to access it (it really is deep in the valleys), it also took a good while to get here.
9. Calla de San Vincent
This beautiful seaside village attracted me after I heard about the historical abandoned morgue situated behind the tree in the above picture. (I have a fascination with the Paranormal). To my disappointment, the morgue itself was quite demolished and the remains were inaccessable. Nevertheless, I was taken away by the beautiful beach which didn’t seem to be busy at all, and the road accessing the village also blew me away with the astonishing houses filled with a beautiful arrangement of flowers. I’m pretty sure they’re owned by millionaires. The only thing I wasn’t really keen on was the lack of things to do in this town despite it’s beauty, but it’s still worth a visit.
10. Cuavas Del Drach 
Despite the access price of 60euros, this beautiful cave is filled with natural forms that will blow you away, there has been some alterations as you can see above with the spectacular light displays but this definitely does not ruin anything. However, what does ruin it for me is the ridiculous tour the guides take you on. At the beginning of the tour (before the actual tour) you will walk through an amazing botanical garden filled with unusual plants and wildlife. Upon entering the cave you will watch a film and be given your own headset which you will, 10 minutes later, want to throw in the bin. I strongly advise taking some music to listen to, as the voices above you will make you want to leave instantly with how cheesy they are. At the end of the visit they will then give you what I can only describe as an apology token with a free ticket to a little dish of food at their café. The cave is also in a beautiful place.


Thank you for taking your time to read this post.
Are there any places you would recommend visiting in Majorca?

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