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11 of my Favourite In-Flight Travel Essentials

I may have taken a while to just think of that title, not gonna lie! Travel Essentials seemed a bit boring!
So it’s that time of the year again! I’m currently sat here with my little list, wondering what else to put on it, but today I’m just gonna talk about what’s there now, get it off my chest, like it’s some burden, and crack on with it! Also, I’ve been so excited to do a list post so this is just the best in my little mind.
1. Water
This is an absolute must for me. Travelling no matter where you go always seems to take forever and you never get the chance to sit down and have a chill time. To me, even when you’re flying you feel like you’re busy and you’re doing something because you literally have no freedom to do whatever you want. So it’s important to keep yourself hydrated and keep yourself going throughout the trip. Also, flying on a plane is really, well, not claustrophobic, but a bit compact… that probably means the same thing but i don’t know! Just drink some water!
2. Moisturiser
The same goes for this really! This is more for the plane part, I know I didn’t write about it but water’s for the whole trip. Planes I find can really dry your skin out and make you feel really drained, so it’s nice to give it some hydration. I’ve only really just started looking after my skin so moisturiser is gonna be my best friend on Sunday morning!
3. Paracetamol
There isn’t much to say about this really, it’s just good to have a back up supply!
4. Money
Euros and Pounds, unless you’re from a country that has another currency, you should have a good amount of both, just in case the plane only accepts whatever currency! I’ve had that dilemma before, and a good amount means £20’s worth maybe? A good amount to keep you happy.
5. Entertainment
Why would this not be on my list! Of course for me it’s Sudoku, and music. I could live off those 2… for a day.
6. Glasses
This isn’t everyone’s essential, but for me it is! On planes my contacts sometimes really dry my eyes out. A lot of times they’re okay but I always like my specs to be on standby for those occasions. Sometimes I have moments in life where I don’t have them and I have to take one contact out and then I’m half blind. That for me is ultimately the most annoying thing ever.
7. Lip Balm
This goes alongside moisturiser really, but I tend to use lip balm a lot more than anything else skin related because I have a tendency to bite the skin round my lips. I really try not to but it’s just a habit! My favourite though of course is EOS. I’ve heard a lot of bad reviews on it and that genuinely baffles me because I got completely hooked on it when I tried it! Love me some EOS!
8. Boiled Sweets
On planes, boiled sweets save my life. Don’t you just hate it when your ears pop on planes? My mum always brought sweets along with her on planes and I’m not sure where she got it from but it was the best idea ever. Oh and you can’t just eat it, you’ve got to suck ’till you’re in the air.
9. Camera
This may be a blogger/youtuber essential but obviously for me, my must have is a camera! I love vlogging my whole journey and taking a lot of pictures along the way, just to show the internet my findings!
You always need a pen! Even if you’re not carrying a notebook or doing sudoku, you never know what you might need it for!
 I probably wont be using this on the plane but I like having it with me for security reasons 🙂

Okay so that is my little list of things that I will be taking away on holiday with me! What would you take on holiday with you?

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